Ways of Giving                                                                                                       gift

We always greatly appreciate the support of our alumni and friends through their generous contributions.  Contributions have helped our programs grow and become more successful.

Currently, contributions can be made to two funds:

1. Urology Resident Fund
2. Urology Research Innovation Center Fund

The Urology Resident Fund supports a full range of programs for residents of the Department of Urology. It is used to support both clinical course-work and laboratory training. It also supports the resident research program where emphasis is placed on critical thinking and helping the resident physician develop a strong foundation of knowledge, insight, and understanding – all essential qualities of a good physician.

The Urology Research Innovation Center brings urology research projects to life. Using an interdisciplinary approach, the program combines students and faculty with backgrounds in medicine, business, design and engineering to see ideas from inception to product development. Unlike the typical product development process the Urology Research Innovation Center’s lab brings in varying perspectives from the start and emphasizes collaboration throughout the design process, resulting in a greater mix of ideas and solutions.

You can  make a tax deductible donation to support education and urological innovations.