Ömer Acar
Assistant Professor
Simone Crivellaro
Associate Professor
Director of Urology Robotic Training
Peter Gann

Professor of Pathology

Daniel Garvey
Associate Professor 
Program Director
Emilie Johnson
Pediatric Urologist
Visiting Clinical Physician
Ervin Kocjancic
Clinical Professor
Bioengineering Director
MAD LabCo-Director IMED Program
Ervin Kocjancic
Lawrence S. Ross Professor of Urology
Vice Chairman Department of Urology
Director for the Division of Pelvic Health and Reconstructive Urology
Lawrence Ross MD
Research Professor of Bioengineering; Director of Urology Bioengineering
Mahmoud Mima

Mahmoud Mima, MD
Assistant Professor

Daniel Moriera
Assistant Professor of Urology
Craig Niederberger MD
Department Head and Clarence C. Saelhof Professor of Urology
Professor of Bioengineering
Samuel Ohlander MD
Assistant Professor
Co-Head, Division of Andrology
Rodrigo Pagani MD
Visiting Assistant Professor
Co-Head, Division of Andrology
Peter Pfanner
Research Professor of Industrial Design; Director of Urology Design
Carol Podlasek Ph.D

Associate Professor of Urology

Gail Prins PhD

Gail Prins, PhD
Professor of Urology and Physiology
Director of Urology Research
Director of Andrology Lab

Lawrence Ross MD
Clarence C. Saelhof Professor Emeritus
Kimberlee Wilkens
Assistant Professor of Industrial Design
ID Faculty Lead, UIC Innovation Center UR*Lab
Affiliate Faculty, Department of Urology
Lawrence Ross MD

Michael Young, MD
Assistant Professor, Urology
Director of Urology Innovation