Dr. Craig Niederberger is Clarence C. Saelhof professor and Head of the Department and Program Director. He is responsible for all aspects of the training program and education of residents from assignment of clinical and research rotations to evaluation of resident and faculty performance. He is responsible for review and assignment of all resident research activity and supervises the weekly Research Conference and the monthly Chapter/Basic Science Club. He teaches clinical male infertility and microsurgery to residents during their clinical rotation.

Dr. Lawrence S. Ross is a Professor of Urology and past AUA president. His area of expertise is male infertility/microsurgery and he has a large clinical practice in this discipline. He supervises and directs residents at the 900 N Michigan and University locations.

Dr. Ervin Kocjancic is Associate Professor of Urology and the Vice Chairman of the Department. He is Director of Pelvic Health and Reconstructive Urology. He also serves as the Associate Residency Director. He has clinical expertise in pelvic floor disorders and reconstructive urology such as male and female urinary incontinence, urethral stricture disease, and pelvic organ prolapse surgery. He also leads the cancer survivorship program. He is the Chairman of the Educational Committee of the International Continence Society and actively involved in training and educational events worldwide.

Dr. Gail Prins, PhD is the Michael Reese Professor of Urology and Physiology and is director of the Andrology Laboratory in the Department of Urology. She conducts basic science research in prostate growth and prostate cancer. She has direct contact with the residents during their research rotations and plays an important role in teaching them research methods. She and her Andrology laboratory staff also educate the residents in interpreting semen analyses and other andrology tests related to their care of patients with male infertility.

Dr. Michael Abern is Assistant Professor of Urology and Director of Urologic Oncology. He participates in multi-disciplinary care of patients with urologic malignancy with an emphasis on robotic, laparoscopic, and open surgical management. He is the primary investigator of the surgical skills training protocol which facilitates resident skills development in both dry and wet laboratories for laparoscopy, robotics, and open surgery.

Dr. Carol Podlasek is Associate Professor and director of the Podlasek Lab. Her lab conducts research on regenerative and translational research with a specific focus on peripheral nerve regeneration and nanotechnology protein delivery to prevent or treat erectile dysfunction. She has direct contact with residents and instructs them during their research year.

Dr. Simone Crivellaro is Assistant Professor in Minimally Invasive Urology and the Director of Urology Robotic Training. He leads monthly labs on laparoscopic and robotic surgical skills using dry and wet labs, which all residents attend.

Professor Peter Pfanner is executive director of the Innovation Center and a Research Professor of Urology. He works with residents on innovative projects in collaboration with students from other university programs during their research year.

Dr. Emilie Johnson is a Visiting Clinical Physician in pediatric urology. She mentors residents in research and oversees residents during their pediatric rotation at Lurie Children’s Hospital during the PG3 year.

Dr. Daniel Garvey is Visiting Assistant Professor. He evaluates inpatient consults with residents and supervises residents in the operating room. He also participates in educational seminars with the residents.