The outpatient department of each of the participating institutions is utilized for resident education. The resident objectives for participation in all of the outpatient clinics are to learn the methods for evaluation of new urologic patients, to develop diagnostic and treatment plans for both inpatient and outpatient urologic problems, and to learn continuity of care through follow-up of both inpatients and outpatients. The organization and operation of the clinics at the University hospital will be described in detail and a brief description of the other sites will follow to denote any differences.

UI Hospital Clinic

The University of Illinois Outpatient Clinical Care Center and Urology Cancer Clinic are located across the street from the University hospital. The adult urology clinics are staffed by 1-3 attending physicians, a junior resident (PG2) and a Chief resident (PG6). The junior resident sees selected new patients under direct supervision of both the chief resident and attending physician as well as returning and post-operative patients for whom he/she has responsibility. The chief resident sees all clinic patients under the direct supervision of the attending physician. With six-month rotations residents have the opportunity to follow clinic patients to the hospital or outpatient surgical setting and to follow-up care in the clinic. The clinic has facilities for the residents to routinely perform flexible cystoscopy, trans-rectal ultrasonography and prostate needle biopsy.

UI Center for Urology

The University Center for Urology is located on North Michigan Avenue, three miles from campus, and is used primarily for infertility practice (70% fertility, 30% general urology). This clinic has an attached surgicenter and is staffed by four attendings and an infertility fellow. Residents participate in a urodynamic clinic, and perform and interpret urodynamic studies. Patients undergoing surgery at this clinic are followed pre-, intra- and post-operatively by the fellow under direct supervision of a faculty member.

UI Urology Clinic at 1220 S. Wood

​Physicians and residents see both urologic outpatient and cancer cases at the Urology Clinic at 1220 S. Wood Street. Patients are seen by Dr. Michael Abern and Dr. Ervin Kocjancic, who also supervise residents. Dr. Abern sees cancer patients, prostate patients and other special cases.