Fertility and Erectile Dysfunction

More than ten percent of American couples experience problems conceiving a child, and as many as half of these cases are tied to male infertility.  Under the direction of Craig Niederberger, M.D. , Lawrence Ross, M.D. ,  Sam Ohlander, M.D., and Rodrigo Pagani, M.D. , UI Urology’s fertility and erectile dysfunction programs offer full-service diagnosis, care, and treatment of male infertility.  Services include andrology, reproductive surgery, erectile dysfunction, and testosterone treatment.

Our andrology services, housed at our Andrology Laboratory, provide a range of services, from sperm testing and analysis to pyospermia and post-ejaculatory analysis to sperm washing and banking.

The laboratory was the first in the world to create a home sperm banking program with its OverNiteMale®  program, a sperm bank from home initiative for patients who produce a sperm sample at home and send it to our laboratory.  This program and others are part of our dedication to patient-centered care and constant innovation (single-ball microscope article).