General Surgery Residency


Prospective Residents

Application Process:

At the University of Illinois, we participate in the Electronic Residency Application Service (ERAS). Prospective general surgery residents wishing to apply to the University of Illinois at Chicago will need to submit their application documents electronically via the ERAS website.  Applications submitted directly to the department will not be accepted.

Foreign prospective general surgery residents: At this time the surgical residency program at UIC can only consider applicants with the appropriate J-1 visa sponsored through ECFMG.

Enrollment Criteria

Our program is approved for 7 categorical positions and 2 preliminary first year positions. Incoming residents over the past three years have mean USMLE scores of 236. Applicants must be within five years of medical school graduation.  The following documents are REQUIRED for review:

  • Three (3) letters of recommendation
  • Dean’s letter
  • Medical School Transcripts
  • Personal Statement
  • United States Medical Licensing Examination (USMLE) Scores (minimum 225 with passing score on first attempt)
  • ECFMG Certificate* if applicable

A completed application must be available to us no later than November 1st for the following academic year.  Submitting your application does not guarantee an interview. After review of applications, prospective residents will be receiving an email through the ERAS system if selected for interview.

The program does not offer positions prior to the Match.

For more information, please contact:

Program Directors:

Martin Borhani, MD, FACS

Katherine Brown, DO

Residency Coordinators:

Joy Bardezbanian, BA, M.Ed.
Hemali Shah

Contact by email:

Contact by mail:

Department of Surgery, MC 958
840 South Wood Street, Suite 376-CSN
Chicago IL 60612

Contact by phone:

312-996-6765 (office)
312-355-3722 (fax)

Current Residents

Shanel Bhagwandin, DO (PGY5): It was an ideal match for me considering the broad experience and autonomy that I knew would be afforded to me as a resident. The proud legacy of this program was evident in its faculty and the current residents when I was applying. As I was searching for a program that could train me to be tomorrow’s surgeon, I recognized that our program would give me the opportunities to develop a successful future.  UIC General Surgery chose me.

Jonathan Bean, MD (PGY4): When I was a fourth year medical student, I was able to compare the chief surgical residents that I had worked with at UIC to the chief surgical residents of other programs that I visited on away rotations . What I found was that the surgical residency at UIC was second to none. First, the operative volume and autonomy afforded the residents provided an excellent surgical experience. The different services that the residents covered offered a broad exposure to academic surgery, private practice, and a mixture of the two. Additionally, the general surgery residency at UIC provided flexibility to residents to take time in the research lab to develop their academic careers but did not force people into research. All in all, the general surgery residency at UIC produced the type of surgeon that I wanted to become: a confident and competent surgeon able to succeed in any type of surgical career chosen. That is why I chose UIC.

Mary Huerter, MD (Research): UIC was my top choice for residency given the early and broad access to the operating room, approachability of the attendings, and flexibility of pursuing research goals. Without competition from numerous fellows, we have the opportunity to get into the operating room early and often. Our experience on high volume services such as trauma and vascular allows us to build our confidence with complex patients even as a first year resident.  I am grateful for our attendings that are committed to challenging us and placing our education as a priority. Our program is additionally unique in that research opportunities are able to be tailored to individual career goals.  We are allowed the benefit of pursuing research time after second or third year, for one or two years, and may go to an outside institution as well.  I truly appreciate the environment and experience we have during our training. Being in an amazing city like Chicago also doesn’t hurt!