• No independent call during first year
    • Buddy call system with on-site senior beginning in October allowing first years to participate in ED shifts. The shifts run from 5-8 pm on
      weekdays, averaging 1-2 shifts a month; as well as, weekend call from 8am-8pm completing 1 weekend a month from March-June.
  • Night float system
    • One resident covers nights at UIH and a separate resident covers nights at Mercy.
    • Overnight call varies depending on level of training. Night float is taken a week at a time, with the shift running from 8pm-8am. The
      current breakdown for the call schedule includes:

      • 6 weeks of night float R2 year
      • 3-4 weeks of night float R3 year
      • 3-4 weeks of night float R4 year
  • Weekend call: our weekend call shift runs from 8am-8pm and also varies depending on level of training.
    • 6 weekends R2 year
    • 3-4 weekends R3 year
    • 3-4 weekends R4 year
  • No overnight Attendings at UIH or Mercy
    • Attendings available for consultation via phone at UIH.
    • Mercy Home Backup (R4 resident) serves as internal moonlighting for consultation with overnight/weekend cases.
  • Attending read out sessions in the morning with direct feedback
  • Overnight Attending at Lurie Children’s Hospital