Pediatric Endocrinology Fellowship Salary & Benefits

Fellows Salary

2022-2023 Stipend

PGY-4: $66,454
PGY-5: $69,229
PGY-6: $71,959

Fellows Benefits

Vacation: 20 days of paid vacation per academic year, including choice of 4 observed holidays (Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year’s, ML King’s Birthday, Memorial Day)

Sick Leave:  24 calendar days of paid sick leave per academic year.

Health, Dental and Disability Insurance: This is available to residents and their dependents for a nominal fee. Coverage is effective on the first day of employment. Dependent coverage is reimbursed up to the amount set by the GME operating committee.

Life Insurance: One year’s stipend provided at no charge.

Additional life insurance can be purchased in multiples of this stipend for a nominal fee.

Malpractice Insurance: All full-time fellows are covered at 100% for any and all malpractice claims.

Educational Allowance: 

$1000 per academic year.

Education Funds can be used for the purchase of textbooks, journal subscriptions, conference fees and related travel, and yearly dues for professional medical societies. For further questions about how these funds can be used, please contact the Program Coordinator.

Medical Information Resources: All residents are given free at-home access to all on-line library services including UpToDate, MD Consult, Harrison’s On-Line, Medline, PubMed and Ovid Full-Text Journals.

Paid Moonlighting: All permanently licensed fellows are eligible for moonlighting with approval of the Program Director.

Additional Benefits: Parking is provided at a discounted rate at both UIH and JBVA and can be activated/cancelled at any time. UIH provides free dry cleaning for lab coats.

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