Pediatric allergists and RNs offer extensive services for evaluation and management of allergies. Food allergy clinic includes blood and skin testing, comprehensive patient education materials and individualized action plan. Sleep Center provides diagnosis, evaluation and treatment for children with sleep disorders.

UIC Pediatrics designated one of 19 sites nationwide participating in ASTHMA-NET, ongoing clinical research funded by the National Institutes of Health

The Asthma and Allergy Center is helping Chicago’s children breathe easier with a comprehensive program of preventive care provided by a family-centered team of doctors, nurses and pharmacists. Accessible expert medical management and patient education is offered to families, helping minimize visits to the emergency room and hospitalizations, from infancy through adolescence.

The first Pediatric Sleep Center in the Chicago Medical District (third in the city of Chicago) opened in July, 2014.

The full range of diagnostic evaluations and management includes:
• Body plethysmography and diffusing capacity
• Expanded pulmonary function testing laboratory
• Skin testing for environmental and food allergies
• Pediatric bronchoscopy
• Updated asthma education and asthma action plan for inpatients
• Sleep studies

Integrated research
Since 2012, Dr. Harsha Kumar has served as principal investigator for the nationwide NIH-funded research program ASTHMA-NET, consisting of multiple clinical trials that explore new approaches in treating asthma from childhood through adulthood. Studies in progress:

  • INFANT-AVICA study: INdividualized therapy For Asthma iN Toddlers (INFANT), and Acetaminophen Vs. Ibuprofen in Children with Asthma (AVICA)
  • BARD study: Best African American Response to Asthma Drugs

“My vision of a nationally recognized, fully integrated program to advance asthma research, care, advocacy, and education is being realized here at CHUI. We hope to inspire a new generation of physician-scientists to pursue a career in pediatric pulmonary medicine and continue to further our field.”

— Harsha Kumar, MD, Chief; Assistant Professor of Pediatrics