The UIC Children’s Kidney Center of Illinois offers comprehensive services to children and adolescents with kidney and urological medical problems. The Preventive Pediatric Renal, Cardiac, and Hypertension Clinic focuses on early intervention for children with kidney diseases. Special focus is on conditions that contribute to kidney problems (such as high blood pressure and diabetes mellitus). Services also include dialysis and kidney transplantation. Treatment includes family education on dietary management, exercise and drug therapy.

Pediatric Renal Transplantation

– Second-largest program in the city of Chicago
– 100% Patient survival rate at one year after receiving a renal transplant at CHUI ((2002-20012)

CHUI is designated as a center of excellence in kidney transplantation based on UNOS (United Network for Organ Sharing) report. Our outcomes for kidney transplantation continue to be one of the best in Chicago, with one-year patient survival remaining at 100 percent for 10 years.

Exceeding the norm
• Collaboration with top-ranked UIC College of Pharmacy gives CHUI patients access to the best, most advanced medicines
• Expert care begins with neonatal nephrology; clinic serves all children with chronic kidney disease or kidney failure
• CHUI is one of the only hospitals in Chicago to offer a hypertension related kidney disease prevention program for obese children; glomerular hyperfiltration is one of the least recognized but major factors contributing to progression to kidney failure
• Transition program and clinic offers comprehensive, long-term follow up for pediatric nephrology and transplant patients, ensuring no breaks in complex care or medical insurance. Experienced team includes pediatric and adult nephrologists, transplant surgeons, pediatric pharmacologists, pediatric dietician, transplant social workers, transplant coordinators, and transplant business managers.

“For pediatric kidney failure patients, the end point is always kidney transplantation. I’m privileged to be part of a transplant division with a special interest in pediatrics, and work with one of the pioneers in the field, Dr. Benedetti. My years of experience in treating children with kidney disease and his leadership in transplantation help bring this center to the forefront of pediatric renal medicine.”
— Director: Eunice John, MD
Two-time National Kidney Foundation Award for patient care, three-time UIC hospital award for patient care, eleven-time winner of the Best Teacher Award from pediatric residents and medical students, ten-time winner of best or top doctor regional and/or national