In addition to primary care services at the general pediatric clinic, two special clinics are open to adolescents in the outpatient care center. The adolescent gynecology and preventive health services clinic offers primary care including gynecologic services for girls 12 to 21. The adolescent weight loss clinic offers assessment and treatment services for overweight teens age 12 to 21.


Bernstein, Karen MD, MPH
Chief, Division of Adolescent Medicine;
Director, Adolescent Med. Fellowship Training program
Assistant Professor of Clinical Pediatric

Scott, Felicia, MD
Assistant Professor of Clinical Pediatrics

Area of Excellence – Adolescent Mental Health

TIKES- Thriving Illinois Kids Engagement System – Center

At CHUI, a unified system of clinical care, education, and research (TIKES—Thriving Illinois Kids Engagement System) provides focused support for adolescents at-risk for mental problems and behavioral and health issues.

An active National Institutes of Health-funded research program within the TIKES center uses innovative technology and additional web-based therapies to prevent depression and other mental disorders. This program also maximizes healthy developmental progress and social capital formation for Illinois children. Visits with trusted, compassionate counselors are combined with online tools that provide guidance on healthy lifestyle choices and coping with adversity. Data-supported outcomes and ongoing benchmarks to ensure quality improvement help providers create a systematic process of caring for Chicago’s adolescents, and serve as a nationwide model for the underserved.

“When we talk about a ‘mental illness vaccine,’ our goal is to develop easy-to-learn teaching tools that disadvantaged teens can use to overcome the many environmental stressors they face, and become optimistic, socially connected, and behaviorally active. Our approach is systematic, data-driven and universally deployable, with proven improvement in development outcomes.”

— Department Head: Benjamin Van Voorhees, MD, MPH