Hearing Compromised Chicago Public Students: An Outcomes Study


The ability to hear significantly impacts a child’s learning experience. The prevalence of hearing loss among children in the U. S. has increased according to a recent analysis of NHANES data. Hearing is routinely screened in U.S. elementary schools and [..]

The Use of CT Imaging for Diagnosis of Otosclerosis and Ossicular Changes

Redleaf.M, Ozgen Mocan.B

Middle ear disease and otosclerosis (OS) are a common cause of progressive hearing loss. A positive family history and classic audiogram findings are normally used to diagnose otosclerosis (OS). The findings are later confirmed intraoperatively.Imaging with Computed Tomography (CT) [..]

The Disruption of Meniere’s Disease from the Patient’s Perspective

Redleaf.M, Bedri.E, Kumar.V, Lee.K

Meniere’s disease is very well described disease of the inner ear. The experienced Otologist easily recognizes classic Meniere’s disease. Patients with Meniere's disease experience episodes of discomfort which [..]

3-Dimensional Modeling Using CT Scans: Understanding Anatomical Structures and Spacing in the Region of the Eustachian Tube (M. Redleaf. IRB Approval: Exempt through 3.14.2021)


Eustachian tube (ET) dilation to improve middle ear ventilation has been practiced in Europe for several years. ET dilation is also now an approved medical procedure in the United States as well. To date, there have been no clinical complications reported in humans, and [..]

Communication and Noise in the Operating Room


Communication serves as a central component to patient safety and efficiency in the operating room. Sentinel event data from The Joint Commission in 2013 identified failures of communication during surgery[..]

The Role of DCFS Support for Children with Moderate to Severe Hearing Impairment


Children born with severe to profound sensorineural hearing loss face challenges in a world built around spoken language communications. Hearing loss often has a significant impact on educational progress through [..]

A Retrospective Analysis of Cartilage Cuffed Ear Tubes

Yu.J, Labby.A

Ear infections can be caused by either bacteria or viruses and often involve fluid accumulation in the middle ear. Chronic ear infections can cause hearing loss and other serious complications if left untreated. Middle ear infections may resolve [..]

Audio Based Screening as Predictor for AxBio Sentence List

Yu.J, Lippman.E

Hearing loss is a significant health burden in the United States with approximately 15% of American adults (18 years old and greater) reporting at least some trouble hearing. Sensorineural hearing loss [..]