Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery

The Use of 3D Imaging for Facial Analysis


The shape, contour and overall appearance of the human face is based on the integrity of its overlying skin as well as the underlying components of bone, cartilage, [..]

Microfat Infused Soft Tissue Augmentation of the Inferior Turbinate for Atrophic Rhinitis

Toriumi.D, Steitz.J, Hyman.A

The tissue that lines the inside of the nose is called the mucosa. In some individuals the mucosa lining the nose can change due to a number of reasons including heredity, hormonal imbalance, nutritional deficiency, infection, as well as others. The mucosa may decrease in size [..]

Histologic Evaluation of Microfat Infused Soft Tissue Augmentation Grafts

Toriumi.D, Steitz.J, Hyman.A

There is significant scientific interest in auto-transplanted/injected fat for its volumizing properties as well as its regenerative/wound healing capabilities. Micro-preparations of fat have been postulated to provide [..]

The Development of a Standardized Method for Measuring Ecchymosis and Swelling after Rhinoplasty Surgery

Toriumi.D, Steitz.J, Hyman.A, Cristel.R

Bruising and swelling of the nose and face following rhinoplasty surgery are inevitable. However, the amount and severity of each can be quite variable depending on 1) the procedure performed and [..]

Accuracy of Pre-operative Computer Imaging versus Post-operative Results in Surgical Outcomes of Rhinoplasty Patients.

Toriumi.D, Ho.T, Hsia.Y

Pre-surgical photographic facial imaging is a commonly used tool by facial reconstructive surgeons. The unique computer software imaging program allows preoperative photographs to be modified or "morphed" based on the type of procedure being performed. Ideally, the imaging program will provide [..]

Nasal Clip Evaluation of Nasal Valve Collapse

Toriumi.D, Hyman.A, Cristel.R

The lateral cartilages along the sides of the nose are structurally important in holding the nostrils of the nose open for breathing. Failure or collapse of the lateral cartilages along the nasal wall impedes air intake and [..]

The Use of Nasal Antibiotic Soaks After Rhinoplasty Surgery

Toriumi.D, Hyman.A

The principal investigator currently places patients undergoing primary rhinoplasty surgery on oral antibiotics postoperatively for infection prevention. Patients undergoing secondary or revision rhinoplasty are also placed on [..]

Rhinoplasty Databank: Quantitative and Qualitative Retrospective Assessment of Functional and Cosmetic Results


The rhinoplasty databank is a compilation of surgical and photographic data gathered during the past decades of the PI’s medical practice [..]

Evaluation of Microfat Grafts in an Immuno-deficient Mouse Model

Toriumi.D, Hyman.A, Khayat.S

There is significant scientific interest in auto-transplanted/injected fat for its volumizing properties as well as its regenerative capabilities. The mechanism for this action is currently unknown, but it is hypothesized that a population of adult stem cells contained in these preparations promotes [..]