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Facial Plastic Surgery

Evidence of Bell’s Palsy on CT Imaging, Kerolus, J

Abstract: Bell’s Palsy is the most common cause of facial nerve paralysis. Recent clinical studies have suggested that the causative feature may be a long term thickening of the facial nerve sheath in the mastoid air cell system. Computed Tomography (CT) can easily identify the diameter of the vertical facial nerve in the mastoid - the putative site of compression. This retrospective study will examine the effectiveness of a single, blinded neuro-radiologist in [...]

Prophylactic Post-Operative Antibiotic Use in Septorhinoplasty, Kerolus.J

Abstract: Postoperative infection following rhinoplasty is rare but can have detrimental effects on patient outcomes. Although routine use of postoperative antibiotics after rhinoplasty is a widely accepted practice, there is limited data on whether its use in preventing postsurgical complications is efficacious. This retrospective study will involve a medical record review of patients who had a rhinoplasty or septorhinoplasty surgery at UI Health between January 1, 2019 and June 1, 2020. Specifically, the [...]

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