Alex Caniglia

Medical School: University of Nebraska College of Medicine

Favorite TV Show: Anthony Bourdain

“What I like about the department is that all of the residents get along well together and actually enjoy each other’s company. We get plenty of surgical exposure early and rotate at multiple institutions providing a wide variety of pathology and patients.“

Elliot Koo

Medical School: Easter Virginia Medical School

Chris Mularczyk

Medical School: University of Illinois College of Medicine

Current Project: Paradoxical Vocal Fold Motion and fMRI imaging.

Publication: Mularczyk C, Moynihan, M, Yu J. Mucocutaneous Lesions in an Adult Male Who Recently Moved From Mexico. JAMA Otolaryngology. Accepted July 2019.

Favorite TV Shows: Curb Your Enthusiasm & Breaking Bad

“One of my favorite aspects of the UIC ENT program is the diverse experience offered through the many rotation sites, and with each change in rotation comes a different learning experience. Also, the residents are all awesome, and very supportive of each other.”