Topics and Schedule


What is Quality and Patient Safety?

  1. Care must be safe
  2. Care must be effective and reliable
  3. Care must be patient centered
  4. Care must be timely
  5. Care must be efficient
  6. Care must be equitable
  7. Quality improvement and pay-for-performance

Introduction to Quality Improvement (Dr. Richard Banchs)

  1. Why?
  2. What are the basics?
  3. How to choose a QI project?
  4. What is the framework of a QI project?
  5. Why is this important at the resident physician level?
  6. What is the role of a sponsor?

How to design and implement a QI project: the nuts and bolts

(Dr. Ari Rubenfeld)

  1. PDSA cycle
  2. RCA
  3. Fishbone diagrams
  4. Pareto charts

NSQIP (Dr. Ari Rubenfeld)

  1. How a big database works
  2. How to use the data

Medical Legal aspects related to providing surgical care

(Hospital Department Attorney)

Risk Management (Rhonda Perna, Chief of Risk Management)

  1. Presentation from this department on who they are and the role they serve at UI Health
  2. Remove the stigma
  3. Review patient safety event reporting here and what the follow-up steps entail

UI Health Culture of Safety & Current Initiatives

(Jodie Joyce, Chief Quality Officer)

  1. UI Health culture of safety
  2. Current QI initiatives within our system

Teamwork in the hospital setting (Shelly Major, CNO)

  1. Identify necessary elements to achieve teamwork
  2. Identify effective team leadership qualities

Functional M&M (Dr. Ari Rubenfeld)

Resident Presentations (Dr. Virginie Achim)