Topics and Schedule


What is Quality and Patient Safety?

  • Care must be safe
  • Care must be effective and reliable
  • Care must be patient centered
  • Care must be timely
  • Care must be efficient
  • Care must be equitable
  • Quality improvement and pay-for-performance

Introduction to Quality Improvement (Dr. Richard Banchs)

  • Why?
  • What are the basics?
  • How to choose a QI project?
  • What is the framework of a QI project?
  • Why is this important at the resident physician level?
  • What is the role of a sponsor?

How to design and implement a QI project: the nuts and bolts (Dr. Ari Rubenfeld)

  • PDSA cycle
  • RCA
  • Fishbone diagrams
  • Pareto charts

NSQIP (Dr. Ari Rubenfeld)

  • How a big database works
  • How to use the data

Medical Legal aspects related to providing surgical care (Hospital Department Attorney)

Risk Management (Rhonda Perna, Chief of Risk Management)

  • Presentation from this department on who they are and the role they serve at UI Health
  • Remove the stigma
  • Review patient safety event reporting here and what the follow-up steps entail

UI Health Culture of Safety & Current Initiatives (Jodie Joyce, Chief Quality Officer)

  • UI Health culture of safety
  • Current QI initiatives within our system

Teamwork in the hospital setting (Shelly Major, CNO)

  • Identify necessary elements to achieve teamwork
  • Identify effective team leadership qualities

 Functional M&M (Dr. Ari Rubenfeld)

 Resident Presentations (Dr. Virginie Achim)