By graduation, our job is to help you achieve the following minimum standards!

  • Posters – Two posters to be presented at either a regional, national or international conference
  • Manuscripts – Two manuscripts, ideally a product of poster presentation, written and submitted to a peer-reviewed journal with the goal of publication. One manuscript will be a shorter piece such as a case report, commentary, or retrospective chart review. The second manuscript to come from a project developed by the resident with faculty assistance and guidance based in sound research methods
  • Oral presentation – One oral presentation performed at a regional, national, or international conference

Objectives for the resident research experience include:

  • Develop an understanding of rigorous research methods – i.e. proper study design, data collection, data management/integrity, and basic statistical analysis
  • Design a project based on a hypothesis that incorporates the above research methods
  • Implement and carry out a project in which the resident become the principal investigator running and managing the study while at the same time managing co-residents, medical students
  • Improve oral and written communication of research results
  • Develop the skills and become practiced at critically assessing published literature