The residents will be involved in a structured and guided process encouraging them to develop autonomy and independence in executing research in a proper and meaningful way.

The processes and expectations are as follows:

  • All residents attend the required quarterly research lectures by the Director of Research.
    These lectures provide a basic overview of research skills including study design, statistics, writing and data management, etc
  • All residents attend quarterly journal club. The goal of the journal club is to apply knowledge obtained from structured research lectures to the evaluation of selected peer reviewed articles.
    Faculty or residents may submit articles for review. The Director of Research may select one or two articles in conjunction with faculty.
    All residents are required to read and review the articles on their own using a structured guide.
    The PGY-3 on research block will be required to lead the journal club discussion.
    The Director of Research and faculty responsible for the article selection will meet with the PGY-3 to critically review the article(s) using a structured format prior to presentation


  • Interns – The goal of this first year is to begin to develop a project that will be the basis for writing an American Academy of Otolaryngology CORE grant.
    Interns will meet with the Director of Research in January of intern year and begin to learn the structure of a grant; over the next 6 months, interns will write components of their own grant
  • PGY-2 – The first half of the PGY-2 year is used to focus on the finalizing and completing their CORE grant; grants are due in January.
    The remainder of the PGY-2 year focuses on finding additional projects to become involved.
    The resident who will begin the first PGY-3 research block will meet with the Director of Research within 3 months of their block to mature and finalize their research plan
  • PGY-3 – each resident will complete a 3-month block dedicated to research.
    The residents will each meet with the Director of Research to create a research plan prior to beginning their block.
    This plan will cover clinical and research interests, current research skills, desired skills to acquire as well as a list of research projects, projects status and end products (e.g. manuscript(s)).During the research block, the resident will meet regularly with Director of Research as well as their Faculty sponsor to track progress of projects as well as to create small goals to be accomplished between meeting times.
    This ensures the residents are supported during their research time and make effective progress towards completing projects in a timely manner.
    The PGY-3s who have completed their block prior to March will be required to submit their work to the Lederer Pierce regional scientific symposium
  • PGY-4 and 5 – during the remaining two years, the residents will meet at minimum twice a year with Director of Research to ensure satisfactory completion of remaining projects as well as make sure residents are meeting the above requirements