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Donor Honor Roll

The Department of Ophthalmology & Visual Sciences gratefully acknowledges the following donors who have given in 2012.* 

2012 Honor Roll of Donors

Dr. Daniel C. and Mrs. Laura M. Alter
Dr. Phillip D. and Mrs. Vicki A. Alward
Dr. Harvinder K. and Dr. Prasant Atluri
Dr. Alan J. and Mrs. Jennifer K. Axelrod
Dr. Amparo Barrido
Albert Barsky
Batavia Lions Club
Norbert M. Becker, MD
Mr. Gregory B. Beggs
Mr. Julian L. Berman
Abdhish R. Bhavsar, MD
Brian S. Biesman, MD
Norman P. Blair, MD
L.V. Blankenship, PhD
John J. Bierdtz

   (for Dr. Fishman’s Research)

Arnold Bodmer & Family Trust

   (on behalf of Professor Arnold Bodmer)

Mr. Karney Boyajian
Braude Foundation
Bruce Buerk, MD
Dr. Michael E. Carroll
Dr. Lawrence I. Chapman

   (for Pediatric Ophthalmology)

Dr. Richard M. Chavis
Dr. Felix Y. Chau
Teresa C. Chen, MD
Cless Family Foundation
Dr. David M. and Mrs. Barbara L. Cohen
Dr. David P. Cohen and Dr. Debra A. Goldstein
Dr. Anne L. Coleman and Mr. Bill Crown
Mr. L. Park and Mrs. Sharlene M. Davis
District 1-A Lions Clubs

   (on behalf of Mr. Mark S. Kotz)

Mrs. Susan S. Donahue

   (in memory of Dr. Elias Sellinger)

Janis I. Dzelzkalns, MD
Dr. and Mrs. Deepak Edward
Robert Fates and Carol Bernick
Dr. Victor F. Feldman
Mr. Leo Floros
Jill A. Foster, MD
Walter I. Fried, MD, PhD
Dr. David J. Fuerst
Joseph B. Garber, MD
Carl Garfinkle, MD
Elden Genitis
Ms. Anita S. Gerber
Morton F. Goldberg, MD
Glenn S. Goldsher, MD and Ms. Diane Rosen

   (in  memory of Mr. Howard Ochakoff)

Dr. Marc F. Greenberg and Ms. Susan H. Glatt
Ms. Jacquelyn M. Guerra

   (a Christmas gift for Jenny Lim in honor of her mother)

Dr. Marc F. Greenberg and Ms. Susan H. Glatt
Mrs. Sylvia E. Greenberg
Frank R. Guastella, MD
Balaji K. Gupta, MD
Anne C. Haffner

   (in honor of Dr. Paul A. Knepper)

Nancy A. Hamming, MD
Dr. John M. and Mrs. Sally Hattenhauer
Dr. R. Mark and Mrs. Monica J.W. Hatfield
David S. Hillman, MD
Hope for Vision Foundation
Sherwin Isenberg, MD
Donald S. Jacobs, MD
Lee M. Jampol, MD
Mr. Gary R. Janko
Ronald A. Kalayta, MD
Ms. Betty C. Kalina
Dr. Sukesh Kansal
Kate Kestnbaum
Daniel Kiernan, MD
Dr. Timothy A. Kisla
Ms. Rosemay Klein

   (on behalf of the family of Rita M. Pillion)

Jeremy Keenan, MD, MPH
Dr. Paul A. Knepper
Mrs. Patricia A. and Mr. Lawrence J. Konn
Coleman R. Kraff, MD

Leonard H. Lavin
Janet A. Lee, MD
Mrs. Ale B. Lelis
Dr. Michael A. Lemp
Miriam T. Schteingart Light, MD
Dr. Jennifer I. Lim
Dr. Sao Cheng Liu
Dr. Sao Jang Liu
David S. Lockard
Dr. David M. Lubeck
Dr. Paul Arthur Mahlberg
Dr. David I. and Mrs. Michele N. Malitz
Helorna McFall
John McGetrick, MD
Dr. Timothy T. and Mrs. Kay McMahon
Audrey C. Mok, MD
Mr. David W. Montross
Paul Morimoto, MD
Marcus Muallem, MD
Sheldon Pevsner
National Philanthropic Trust

   (on behalf of Ms. Patricia S. Wager)

Paul F. Nichols, MD
Mr. Richard Palandech
Dr. John H. Panton
Ashok R. Penmatcha, MD
Sally Pope
Jose S. Pulido, MD
Dr. Allen Putterman
Ms. Sarah D. Ramsey
Mr. James E. Rathman
Ms. Norma Raven
Anthony L. Rinaldi
Mr. Bernard B. Rinella
Dr. Harris and Mrs. Jeanne Ripps
David S. Robbin, MD
Mr. Marvin Rogan

   (in memory of Dr. Laura E. Lehtinen-Rogan)

Mr. Charles I. and Mrs. Renee A. Rosenberg

   (in honor of Mr. Albert Barsky on the occasion of his birthday)

Mr. Warner A. Rosenthal
Donald R. Sanders, MD
Raju Sarwal, MD
Kathleen M. Scarpulla, MD
Mrs. Gloria B. Schall
Dr. William L. Schey
Edwin F. Schild Foundation

   (Gift at the request of Smajo S. Osmanovic, MD)

Mr. Richard L. Schultz
Stanley L. Schwartz
Mahnaz Shahidi, PhD
Dr. Joanne Shen and Dr. Robert Ortega-Hamilton
Dr. Veeral S. Sheth
Donald M. Smart, MD
Judith Perry Smith, MD
Mr. Leonard H. Solomon
Siram Sonty, MD
Ms. Barbara S. Speilman
Dr. Alan V. Spigelman
Dr. Joel Sugar
Ms. Dorothy Tannenbaum
Dr. Howard and Mrs. Tena Tessler
Mr. Robert B. and Mrs. Sheri B. Tisdahl
Arnold Tobin, MD
Mr. Larry R. Tompkins
John Thompson, MD
Samuel J. Vainisi, DVM
Dr. Thasarat S. Vajaranant
Mrs. Janice and Mr. Fred Weisman
Wells Fargo Foundation

   (matching gift for Mr. Dan Fowler)

Dr. Robert D. Wertz
Dr. Ann K. and Dr. Douglas P. Williams
Willow Springs Lioness Club
Wilson Ophthalmic
George J. Witteman, MD
Eirene Wong, MD
Mr. Michael J. and Mrs. Kathleen A. Worrall
Mark T. Wright
George J. Wyhinny, MD
Dr. Zibute Zaparackas
Patricia A. Zinga


* Report any omissions or errors to (312) 996-6591 or [email protected]

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