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UNIFESP Exchange Program in Sao Paulo, Brazil

UNIFESP Exchange Program in Sao Paulo, Brazil


First year residents of the Department of Ophthalmology and Visual Science at UIC have the opportunity to travel to Federal University of São Paulo (UNIFESP) in Sao Paulo, Brazil for one week. During this time, they are exposed to clinical practices and academic opportunities they would not otherwise experience in Chicago. Along with the knowledge gained from this experience, they also enjoy the local customs and hospitality offered by friendly faculty and staff at UNIFESP. Past residents have greatly enjoyed their time at UNIFESP and Sao Paulo. They have kept in touch with the residents from UNIFESP and have had reunions at ARVO and AAO. It is not only a great learning experience for our residents, but an opportunity to create valuable relationships with ophthalmologists around the world.


During the time in UNIFESP, residents observe ophthalmology practiced in Brazil and have the chance to learn about eye conditions that are very rare in the United States. Much of their time is spent in a busy 24 hour ophthalmology emergency room, where eye conditions like Toxoplasmosis are frequently seen. Residents also rotate through their busy uveitis, ultrasound, and retinoblastoma clinics.

UNIFESP residents come to UIC for a unique learning opportunity. It is usually coordinated so that they are able to attend the week-long Illinois Eye Review Course, where the visiting residents are exposed to ample learning initiatives. They attend all morning lectures as well as weekly Grand Rounds, tour the city of Chicago, and partake in other activities around the city. The past residents involved have been grateful to be a part of this exciting opportunity.


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