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Resident Alumni


Intern Year Residents (Class of 2024)

Luis Acaba-Berrocal

Luis Acaba-Berrocal, MD

Undergraduate— Haverford College
MD—Jefferson College
PGY1—University of Illinois at Chicago
Tala Al Khaled

Tala Al-Khaled, MD

Undergraduate—University of Illinois at Chicago
MD—University of Illinois at Chicago
PGY1—University of Illinois at Chicago
Jonathan Jeffers

Johnathan Jeffers, MD

Undergraduate—Harvard College
MD—University of Chicago
PGY1—University of Illinois at Chicago
Michael Massengill

Michael Massengill, MD, PhD

Undergraduate—University of South Florida
MD—University of South Florida
PGY1—University of Illinois at Chicago
Paul Parker

Paul Parker, MD, MS

UndergraduateUniversity of Michigan
—Rush University Medical Center
PGY1—University of Illinois at Chicago
Stephanie Thermozier

Stephanie Thermozier, MD

Undergraduate—St. Joseph’s College
MD— University of Pittsburgh
PGY1—University of Illinois at Chicago

First Year Residents (Class of 2023)


Katherine Chen, MD, MS

Undergraduate— University of California-Berkeley
MD—University of California-Irvine College of Medicine
PGY1—Harbor-UCLA Medical Center


Charles Frank, MD

Undergraduate—University of Michigan, Ann Arbor
MD—University of Michigan Medical School
PGY1—St. Mary Mercy Hospital, Livonia, Michigan


Katherine Lucarelli, MD

Undergraduate—University of Wisconsin-Madison
MD—University of Wisconsin-Madison School of Medicine
PGY1—Resurrection Medical Center

Mathew Margolis, MD

Undergraduate—University of California-Los Angeles
MD— Washington University- St. Louis
PGY1—West Suburban Hospital


Mohammad Sabbagh, MD

UndergraduateUniversity of Michigan- Flint
—University of Michigan Medical School
PGY1—University of Michigan


Sudarshan Srivatsan, MD

Undergraduate—Northwestern University
MD— University of Michigan Medical School
PGY1—Resurrection Medical Center

Second Year Residents (Class of 2022)


Andrea Arteaga Useche, MD

MD—Universidad Central de Venezuele – Escuela “Luis Razetti”
Research & Clinical Fellowship in Cornea and Ocular Surface: Illinois Eye and Ear Infirmary
PGY1—Illinois Masonic Medical Center


Ricky Cui, MD

BA—Bowdoin College
MD—Mayo Medical School
PGY1—West Suburban Medical Center


Shawn Gulati, MD, MPH

BS—University of Michigan-Ann Arbor
MD/MPH—Oakland University William Beaumont School of Medicine
PGY1—Weiss Memorial Hospital


Kevin Heinze, MD

MD—University of Michigan Medical School
PGY1—St Mary Mercy Livonia Hospital


Yekaterina Joltikov, MD

MD—Sackler School of Medicine – New York
PGY1—Maimonides Medical Center


Aaron Kaufman, MD

BA—Boston University
MD—Boston University School of Medicine
PGY1—Boston University Medical Center

Third Year Residents (Class of 2021)

Samuel Burke


Samuel Burke, MD

BS—University of Pennsylvania
MD—University of Miami Medical School
PGY1—Saint Joseph Hospital
Emily Cole


Emily Cole, MD, MPH

BS—Brown University
MD/MPH—Tufts University School of Medicine
PGY1—Lincoln Medical and Mental Health Center
Lawrence Geyman


Lawrence Geyman, MD

BA—Columbia University
MD—Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai
PGY1—Mount Sinai Beth Israel
Rajvi Mehta


Rajvi Mehta, MD

BS—Brown University
MD—Duke University School of Medicine
PGY1—State University of New York
Nita Valikodath


Nita Valikodath, MD

BS—Wayne State University
MD—University of Michigan Medical School
PGY1—The University of Chicago Medical Center
Ivy Zhu


Ivy Zhu, MD

BS—Northwestern University
MD—University of Illinois at Chicago College of Medicine
PGY1—Kaiser Foundation Hospital, San Francisco


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