Posters and Presentations

Refer to:

UIC Style Guide

COM Style Guide

UIHealth Style Guide

Powerpoint Presentations

Our Department has powerpoint templates

for use for presentations. We have four versions:

1. Departmental (UI Health)

2. Departmental (UIC)

3. Resident Research Day template

4. Intern Research Presentations

The first time you use it, choose “save as” and tell it to save as a template, and it will save it in the correct folder so you can use it from now on.  Please let Cindy know if you need help.


UIC’s logos and brand standards that are applicable to the College of Medicine:

1. OBGYN COM Logo (red)

2. Greyscale OB/Gyn logo

3. White OB/Gyn logo

If your presentation or poster is more patient-related, the UI Health System logos and brand standards may also be applicable.

1. Full color OB/Gyn logo

2. White OB/Gyn logo

3. Full color Center for Women’s Health logo

4.  White Center for Women’s Health Logo.


We have departmental poster templates –  56X48 (updated!) and 48X36. If you use these, Cindy can do final design edits for you to ensure things are aligned and can also help with any glitches that may occur in using the templates. These templates can be easily resized – let Cindy know if you need a different size!

Colin Purrington’s blog has useful tips on the design of a scientific poster as does Cornell.

If you are affiliated with the School of Public Health as a student, faculty, or staff, you can get your poster printedthrough their in-house printer.

There are many other places to get your poster printed such as the UIC print shop, Kinko’s, makesigns, orposters4research.


ACOG publishes a guide on writing for Obstetrics and Gynecology. Although some of it is specific to publishing in the Green Journal, there is helpful information for writing and publishing within the field. A pdf of the guide can be found here (note: it is from 2005).

 If you need a quick guide to AMA style, read this.

Here is a tutorial on how to find articles (including how to find electronic versions of articles) using google scholar.