IRB Resources

This page contains links to the IRB website and to the forms, as well as links to information on IRB training for new and current investigators.


Information on UIC’s IRB

Institutional Review Board Website

IRB Forms

IRB Meeting Dates

There are 2 IRB Boards. To determine which meeting is the best one for your proposal, first determine which Board will review it:

IRB 1 – Biomedical and Biological Science Research

IRB 2 – Behavioral, Social, and Educational Science Research


IRB Educational Requirements

The IRB requires that every investigator do the IRB 101 training, HIPAA training and obtains 2 IRB continuing education credits every two years. below are links to the initial training and to the continuing education options.

IRB 101 training

HIPAA Training
• ONLY required for investigators and key research personnel who are involved in research utilizing protected health information (PHI).
• HIPAA taken at other institutions WILL NOT qualify
• You must attend or complete the online course within the first three (3) months of employment.

IRB Continuing Education

The Office of Vice Chancellor for Research (OVCR) offers IRB consulting sessions.  To request a session click here.  See the education calendar for more sessions on research offered by the OVCR.