Meet our PGY3s!

Rebecca Commito, MD

College: Swathmore College, Swathmore, PA

Medical School: Cooper Medical School of Rowan University

Hometown: Towson, MD

Personal Interests: Enjoy city biking, playing tennis, brewing kombucha, hand-making cards & envelopes, travelling

Arielle Grand, MD

College: University of Florida, Gainesville, FL

Medical School: Charles E. Schmidt College of Medicine at Florida Atlantic University

Hometown: Hollywood, FL

Personal Interests: Creating healthy food recipes, practice yoga, running, crafting paintings, gifts, and home décor

Carly Kruse, MD, MSc

College: Grimmel College, Grimmel, IA

Graduate School: London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, London, England

Medical School: University of Wisconsin School of Medicine

Hometown: Sioux Falls, DS

Personal Interests: Swimming, running, cycling, baking bread, fermenting food, colorguard

Nicole N. Lugo Santiago, MD

College: University of Puerto Rico, Rio Pierdras, PR

Medical School: University of Michigan Medical School

Hometown: San Juan, PR

Personal Interests: Ashtanga Yoga, Sewing, Reading (19th-century novels, in particular), Natural Wine, Local Food, Travel

Jessica Morgan, MD

College: New York University, New York, NY

Medical School: New York University School of Medicine

Hometown: Toronto, ON

Personal Interests: figure skating (former competitive figure skater), running, pilates, dancing, watching movies, learning foreign languages

James Morong, MBBS, MPhil

College: McGill University, Montreal, Quebec

Graduate School: The University of Queensland, Brisbane, Australia

Medical School: The University of Queensland School of Medicine

Hometown: New York, NY

Personal Interests: Fitness, weight training, cooking & gastronomy, reading contemporary fiction, going to movies, theatre, and museums

Joanna Ryan, MD

College: Loyola University, Chicago, IL

Medical School: University of Illinois College of Medicine

Hometown: Poland

Personal Interests: Cooking, preparing challenging recipes from around the world, especially India .