Meet our PGY4s!

Anchal Ahluwalia, MD

College: UCLA

Medical School: Howard University

Personal Interests:  Traveling, reading, hiking, concerts, city walking tours, being a foodie

Heather Bouma-Johnston, MD

College: St Olaf College

Medical School: Case Western University

Personal Interests: Playing board games, baking, tending my herb garden, playing the piano, reading, painting, kite flying

Jenan Holley-Cuthrell, MD

College: University of Chicago

Medical School: University of Illinois at Chicago

Personal Interests: Drawing/doodling, DIY spa days, interior décor, exploring new fitness classes around Chicago

Nicky Nienow Birch, MD

College: Santa Clara University

Medical School: Oregon Health & Science

Personal Interests: Knitting, fermented foods, ballet

Shannon Pettit, MD, MEd

College: Smith College

Medical School: Case Western University

Personal Interests: Reading, riding horses, traveling, hiking, trying new things, intermittently crafting as needed

Lara Slesnick, MD

College: Texas A&M

Medical School: University of Texas San Antonio

Personal Interests: Running, travel, reading, crochet

Katharine Sweeney, MD

College: Vassar College

Medical School: New York Medical School

Personal Interests: Camping in national parks, Netherlandish art enthusiast, planning surprise birthday parties