Meet our PGY4s!

Ankita Dosaj, MD

Medical School: Virginia Commonwealth University

Personal Interests: Yoga, plants, painting, traveling and dancing

Sara Edwards, MD

Medical School: Thomas Jefferson University

Personal Interests: Running, reading fiction, singing, cooking, and crossword puzzles

Keemi Ereme, MD, MPH

Medical School: Howard University

Personal Interests: Baking, weight lifting, reading the latest fantasy/sci-fi novels and watching anime

Nada Hussein, MD

Medical School: University of Illinois at Chicago

Rachelle Rigaud, MD

Medical School: Pennsylvania State University

Personal Interests: Cooking, baking, shopping, biking, reading, Marvel movies, and pampering myself (spa day all the way!)

Dhanu Thiyag, MD

Medical School: Temple University

Personal Interests: Traveling abroad, reading thrillers, Indian dancing, brunch and spending quality time with family, friends and pets

Charlotte ter Haar, MD

Medical School: University of Illinois at Chicago

Personal Interests: Running, biking, hiking, spending time outdoors, traveling, reading, crosswords