Feedback and Evaluation

Our clerkship utilizes the standard CoM final evaluation form to determine the clinical portion of the grade, assessing seven core areas over your time in the clerkship. Additionally, all residents and faculty at all sites receive routine update on the need to provide real-time feedback as you work with them daily. Students are also encouraged as part of building your lifelong learning habits and professional identity to seek feedback routinely as this will help you develop and grow your clinical skill set.

The clinical grade is based on the Likert scale from the standard evaluation form but does take into account your narrative feedback and is assessed in regard to when in the block you received the evaluation (so earlier evals that may be weaker in the setting of a student showing significant improvement over time will carry slightly less weight than the later evals).

At the end of week three/beginning of week four, students will have a mid-clerkship feedback session with a senior resident or attending, utilizing the provided standardized form. This is a time for self-reflection, along with a review of your general performance to-date, and an opportunity to go over where you are at in your clerkship requirements to be certain you are on-target for successful completion by the end of the block. This session is formative and does not factor into the final clinical grade.

The overall grade for the clerkship is assigned with the standard CoM formula:

Overall Grade = 2/3 Clinical Grade + 1/3 NBME Performance Tier

The overall grade is favored to the clinical performance, however, a disproportionately high or low score can have enough impact on the formula to result in elevating or lowering the clinical score. Additionally, while the clerkship is intended to help you prepare for the NBME exam, the test is a standardized assessment and unable to be adjusted/changed by the clerkship director. If you have questions regarding the test, you should contact your OSA advisor.