Midpoint Feedback Evaluation

The student will ask an Attending or a Resident to fill out this form during the 3rd week of the rotation. This will give the student feedback on their clinical performance and what they need to improve on if any is needed.

Case Presentation Evaluation

Students will prepare 2 cases for 2 different Attendings. Each case should last approximately 7-10 minutes. Student should read up on all relevant aspects of the cases. Attending will ask questions about the case for 10-20 minutes after the presentation. Students should be prepared to answer questions on any topic relevant to the patient.
Students will frequently be asked to share patient information in a coherent manner to various team members. Case presentations give the students opportunity to practice on efficient and effective communication.

Clerkship Final Evaluation

Students are evaluated in 7 different areas:
Data Gathering
Clinical Skills/Team Skills
Medical Knowledge
Interpersonal Skills
Communication Skills
Practice-Based Learning Improvement
At UIH each Resident will fill out a final evaluation for individual students. Also Attendings in each division will get together and fill out an evaluation for individual students as a group. Clerkship Director will give the final clerkship clinical grade after reviewing the evaluations from Residents and Divisions.

At other sites evaluation process varies. Final Clerkship Clinical Grade will be given by the Site Director.