These obligations must be completed in order for the student to complete the rotation. Otherwise the student will receive an INCOMPLETE as the clinical grade until the obligations are completed.

  • Fill out a Required Skills page every week (found in the back of your Survival Guide book). The OBGYN clerkship coordinator will sign the page to confirm you’ve filled it out each Friday at the Feedback Session. Students are required to keep track of all the procedures they complete. Scott will collect all six pages at the exam.
  • Turn in the Case Log Sheet to the OBGYN clerkship coordinator on the Friday of the fifth week. 100% of OB Cases and 100% of GYN Cases must be completed. If 100% is not completed then the student will be assigned cases from the Case Files Text by Toy, Baker, Ross and Gilstrap. Student must read the assigned cases and answer the questions at the end of each case.
  • Turn in TWO Mid-point Feedback forms. By the third or fourth week you should chose two Residents or Attendings you’ve worked with to fill out these forms for you. Turn these into Scott on the third or fourth Friday of the rotation.
  • UIH students must present two cases to assigned Attendings during the rotation. These presentations should be done as soon as possible. Each Attending will fill out a case presentation evaluation form. Turn these forms into Scott as they are completed.
  • Each student must be present for the 8am Feedback Session with Dr. Baron-Kuhn on Lecture Fridays.
  • Each student must come to student lectures AND afternoon conferences on Fridays. Only post-call students and Masonic students can be excused from these lectures.
    Each student must also be present for the Evaluation Session at 9am on the fifth Friday of the rotation. Here, students complete evaluations on Resident, Attendings, and the clerkship as a whole.
  • Each student must fill out the Blackboard Clerkship evaluation before the shelf exam. This is a College of Medicine requirement of all third year students. You will receive an Incomplete grade until this evaluation is completed.