Welcome to OB/GYN!

Delivering your first baby is an important rite of passage in medical school and we are delighted to help you achieve this milestone.   Along with witnessing the miracle of birth, OB/GYN has an incredible variety of experiences to offer you!  You will learn about prenatal care for normal and high risk pregnancies, pap and pelvic exams, STD screening and treatment, management of abnormal pap smears, contraception and pregnancy termination, infertility treatment as well as surgical management of a variety of gynecologic problems from benign to malignant.  And much, much more!

We want you to leave this rotation with a good understanding of women’s health issues and needs and we will help you achieve this with a combination of clinical experience, lecture time and self-directed learning.

As the clerkship director, I oversee all of the clerkship sites and am directly in charge of the UIH site.  I am your advocate and my goal is to help you to get the most out of your clerkship experience.  Please feel free to discuss any questions or concerns with me before, during or after your rotation.

Clerkship Director
Catherine Wheatley, MD, FACOG
Assistant Professor of Clinical OB/GYN
Email: [email protected]

Clerkship Coordinator
Rocio Cazares
Email: [email protected]
Phone: 312.996.8311