Ryan Residency Training Program

UIC is an active Ryan Program. This program is a national initiative to integrate and enhance family planning training for OB/GYN residents. The UIC Ryan Program incorporates structured weekly didactics, journal club, and hands-on training for first and second trimester abortion care, complex contraception and miscarriage management. This rotation is consistently rated highly by our residents.

Ryan Program Director:
Erica Hinz, MD, MPH, FACOG

Medical Student Education

During the Family Planning elective, medical students have the opportunity to participate in counselling and provision of abortion, miscarriage and complex contraceptive care. Medical students also receive hands-on training in early pregnancy ultrasound. They will also learn about reproductive health policies impacting access to this care.

Complex Family Planning Fellowship

The mission of the UIC Complex Family Planning Fellowship is to train obstetrician and gynecologists to become experts in the field of complex family planning. We provide a robust clinical and educational training environment that fosters evidence-based complex family planning (CFP) patient care, interdisciplinary research and advocacy rooted in public health principles and reproductive rights and justice.