For Patients

To make an appointment:

New appointments with Dr. Charbel, Dr. Hanjani and Dr. Aletich are handled through the Illinois Stroke Institute.  Please call toll free: 800-597-5970 for an appointment.

General Neurosurgery appointments are made by contacting the UIMC Neurosurgery Clinic at 312-355-0510.

Follow-up, post-op and hospital discharge patients may call 312-355-0510 for a follow-up appointment with their doctor.

New patients are scheduled as soon as possible. Emergency cases are considered as an exception and are handled promptly. Follow-up and hospital discharge patients are seen within two weeks of their surgery or hospitalization or at the discretion of their doctor.

Please bring your films (CT and MRI scans) or a CD of these images. Please also have the reports accompany the films. You will need your referral if required as well as a list of your current medications.

You can expect to be seen in a professional and comfortable environment and to receive prompt and pleasant service by our team of Attending Physicians, Resident Physicians and Nurse Practitioners.

This is upon the discretion of your treating physician and will be discussed during your appointment.

During business hours please call 312-996-4842 to speak with one of our nurses or nurse practitioners. University of Illinois Medical Center is an academic institution and our department takes a multi-disciplinary approach to treating our patients. During the course of your evaluation, you will encounter our team of clinical pharmacists, nurse practitioners and surgical residents in addition to our clinic and hospital nursing staff. Please feel free to ask these individuals for any assistance during your visit.

All medical records and films are the property of the University of Illinois Medical Center. Records and film requests are not handled through our department. For requests of records and films, please contact the Health Information Management Department noted below. A written authorization is required. Please allow 1-2 weeks for the handling of your request.

University of Illinois Medical Center at Chicago
Health Information Management Department
Attn: Release of Information
833 S. Wood Street (MC 772)
Chicago, IL 60612

Please obtain the appropriate forms from your employer or disability agency. These can be faxed to 312-413-7704 in the Neurosurgery Clinic. For questions regarding your forms or letters, please contact the clinic nurse at 312-355-3553.
Please allow 3-5 business days for completion of your forms.

Please have the pharmacy fax a refill request to our clinic at 312-413-7704.
Please allow 48 hours to process this request.