Summer Program in Vascular Neurology

The Department of Neurology and Rehabilitation of the University of Illinois at Chicago offers a unique 7-day summer program in Vascular Neurology.

Open to high school students entering grades 10-12 and recent graduates, the program designed for students who are interested in pursuing a career in medicine and are passionate about neurosciences. During this program, students learn the basics of stroke prevention, approaches to acute neurovascular emergencies, and the interpretation of advanced brain imaging studies.  In the morning, students join the stroke service team in assessing patients admitted to the stroke inpatient service or those who present to our Emergency Room with signs and symptoms of acute cerebral ischemia. In the afternoon, students are invited to see patients in our outpatient clinic. The ultimate goal of this program is to offer students a glimpse of what real medicine looks like.

Students are not required to have a particular background in neurosciences, though the ideal candidate should be responsible, self-motivated, and dedicated. New applicants click here.

Brain MRI (left), Functional MR (center), and Brain Perfusion MRI (right).
Brain MRI (left), Functional MR (center), and Brain Perfusion MRI (right).
Diffusion Tensor MR (left), conventional angiography (center), and CT angiogram (right)



Daniel – BASIS Charter School

“It was a very motivating and invigorating experience. I hope I can repeat it soon.”

Sofia- Latin School of Chicago

“Rotating with the  Stroke Service at UIC has cemented my desire to pursue a career in medicine and fostered my interest in neuroscience. I highly recommend  this program  to anyone who thinking about  going to medicine”

Carla – Latin School of Chicago

“My experience rotating was very educational and  enjoyable. It gave me  an understanding of what stroke is,  the various causes, and how to treat it.  In addition I gained a deeper understanding what a career in medicine  would look like, and learned about  the different areas of hospital care such as  inpatient, outpatient and the Emergency Department.”

Sofia- Latin School of Chicago

“This rotation was a wonderful experience where I learned what neurology is really like and more about the Emergency Department. This was one-of-a-kind camp and I recommend  it to those  who are interested in working in medicine “

Lucas – Arizona Academy of Emergency Services

“This rotation confirmed my vocation to work  in health sciences. Thank you for the opportunity.”

Morgan – Saint Ignatius College Prep

“Being a part of this research was a very  influential  and important experience for me. I was able to understand  many different concepts that I was unfamiliar with  before, leading to  my interest in the medical field. It was an incredible experience that greatly impacted my take on what medicine is.”