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The Sturge-Weber Foundation has designated the University of Illinois Hospital & Health Sciences System a Center of Excellence for providing exceptional care to patients living with Sturge-Weber syndrome, a rare vascular disorder characterized by a large red facial birthmark, called a port-wine stain, as well as neurological abnormalities (seizures, developmental delay, weakness of one side of the body and headache) and glaucoma. The range of symptoms requires a number of different specialists as a team.Our center is truly unique in that we have the capacity to treat patients from infancy through adulthood. As patients with Sturge-Weber age, the symptoms and complications they face change, and so does the medical care they need. Here at UI Health, we have the expertise to be able to provide a continuum of high quality care for these patients throughout their lives.

Our Team

Dr Jeffrey A.Loeb

Dr. Jeffrey A. Loeb

Co-Director (adult neurology)

Dr. Loeb currently serves as the department head of the UIC Department of Neurology & Rehabilitation and previously was a professor in the department of neurology and the associate director of The Center for Molecular Medicine and Genetics at Wayne State University School of Medicine in Detroit, Michigan.

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Services we offer:

The Sturge Weber Center of Excellence is a forward-thinking, multidisciplinary team caring for those with Sturge Weber Syndrome, Tuberous Sclerosis, and other developmental abnormalities that involve the brain, skin, and eye. We strive to improve the care for common complications including seizures, headaches, skin lesions, glaucoma, and developmental disabilities.

Our program is unique in that we care for both children and adults and those transitioning care from pediatric to adult providers with seamless continuity and compassionate care.

The Center of Excellence is part of a national network of Centers that guarantee patients will have the opportunities for the latest treatments and clinical studies to develop new treatments. We are actively involved in research and looking for those who want to help fight the diseases we treat.


The UIC Sturge Weber Center of Excellence partners with the Craniofacial Center to offer laser surgery. Learn more about the Craniofacial Center here.

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