NeuroRepository Services

The UI Neurorepository consists of three components an Investigator Database of de-identified data, a biorepository, and resources to foster collaboration among a broad range of investigators.

Investigator Database:

UIC NeuroRepository Bailey Collection

UIC NeuroRepository Bailey Collection

The UICNR Investigator Database houses disease specific de-identified datasets that are derived from a combination of clinical health information, neuropsychological data, anatomic and metabolic data from imaging studies, genomic data, as well as radiological and histopathological images. Inclusion of data across multiple domains allows investigators the unique opportunity to query a large quantity of complex heterogeneous de-identified data and derive correlations both within and across studies and diseases that could not have been identified otherwise.


The UI Neurorepository collects and stores neurological tissue and biofluid from from which our Investigator Database data is derived. The UINR Biorepository functions as both a banking service and a virtual repository. The Biorepository stores specimens collected from UIC and non-UIC investigators for current and future use. The specimens are processed using a standardized protocol based on specimen type and disease study. Stored specimens and their associated data are then available to investigators by request.



The UINR Biorepository is part of the UI Health System Biorepository. The UI Health System Biorepository acquires, stores, catalogues, and provides tissue and other biological samples for investigators at the University of Illinois. It was established in 2012 as a resource in the UI Hospital and Health Sciences System in collaboration with the Research Resources Center to augment clinical and translational research at UIC and improve the treatment and health of individuals from Chicago, Illinois, and beyond. The UI Health System Biorepository aims to comply with the most current Best Practices for Biorepositories as recommended by the ISBER (ISBER Best Practices for Repositories: Third Edition).

Types of specimens collected:

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Processes for preservation of specimens:

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All specimens received by the UINR Biorepository are cataloged in the BioInventory section of the Investigator Database. The BioInventory is a virtual repository of all specimens from which the data housed in the Investigator Database was derived. It includes specimens housed in the Biorepository as well as specimens stored at outside locations. The BioInventory is a searchable electronic inventory that links all specimen information with the associated clinical and research data contained in the specimen metadata.