University of Illinois Chicago Team Wins the National Kidney Foundation of Illinois 2022 Controversies in Nephrology Debate

Congratulations to the University of Illinois Chicago team (pictured left-right) Edward Suh, MD and Aaron Young, MD, on winning the National Kidney Foundation of Illinois 2022 Controversies in Nephrology debate. Congratulations and thank you to their mentors Sajid Ansari, MD and Ruchi Naik, MD, PhD!

Sharing What We Have Learned: Healthy City Collaborative

Sharing What We Have Learned is sponsored by the Office of Community Engagement and Neighborhood Health Partnerships, Healthy City Collaborative, and the Office of Health Literacy, Prevention, and Engagement. We are pleased to highlight research and community engagement activities of UIC researchers. Each month we feature a researcher and important findings from their work. This information is shared in a ready-to-use format suitable for widespread distribution. If you would like more information about our efforts to share what we have learned, visit [...]

Department of Medicine Scholarly Activities Day

Join Us for Scholarly Activities Day on March 10, 2022 Register in advance at

Congratulations to our 2nd Quarter FY22 Top Box Docs!

We are thrilled to share with you that in the second quarter of FY22 these Department of Medicine physicians achieved 100% Top Box Scores for 'Recommend this Provider Office,' 'Rate the Provider (0-10),' and 'Physician Communication Quality.'Congratulations!

Patients with CKD at increased risk for death depending on usual source of care

Dr. Stephanie Toth-Manikowski is featured in Helio/Nephrology News and Issues discussing the CRIC Sudy's latest publication, "Emergency Department/ Urgent Care as Usual Source of Care and Clinical Outcomes in CKD: Findings From the CRIC (Chronic Renal Insufficiency Cohort) Study." “We hypothesized that patients who use the [ED] or urgent care (as opposed to a clinic) would be at higher risk for adverse outcomes. Our results showed that this was indeed the case, as these patients were at an increased risk [...]

Dr. James Lash receives the Shaul G. Massry Award from the National Kidney Foundation

National Kidney Foundation Presents Educator and Investigator with Shaul G. Massry Award Dr. James Lash to be honored at 2021 Spring Clinical Meetings for dedication to kidney health Each year the National Kidney Foundation (NKF) considers the work of hundreds of specialists in the field of nephrology and selects among them those who most exemplify the relentless efforts of NKF to enhance the lives of patients through action, education, and accelerating change. Since 1996, NKF has been presenting the Shaul [...]

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