Vijay YeldandiDr. Vijay Yeldandi spearheaded the creation of “Public health Management Institute” supported by CDC Cooperative Agreement Number: U62/PS25164 (2005-2010). “STRENGTHENING MANAGEMENT SUPPORT SERVICES FOR CDC, GLOBAL AIDS PROGRAM IN INDIA” (PI: V. Yeldandi Approx. award $2,300,000).

SHARE established a consortium of private medical colleges and hospitals in Andhra Pradesh supported in part by CDC  Cooperative Agreement Number: U62PS025160 (2005-2010), “STRENGTHENING NON-GOVERNMENTAL ORGANIZATIONS AND PRIVATE SECTOR CARE NETWORKS IN INDIA” (PI: V. Yeldandi Approx. award USG funds $ 1,298,000; non USG funds $513,000).

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SHARE PHMI through its close collaboration with state agencies and Technical Support Unit of National AIDS Control Organization, has been involved in strengthening the Strategic Information System, providing support for Laboratory systems strengthening and improving the competency of human resources like Doctors, Nurses, Lab Technicians, Project coordinators, District Nodal officers for HIV, District program Managers, District M&E officers, Program Managers of TI program and other NGOs, Peer Counselors in home based care, training M&E personnel in Data management and Analysis, training of  Public Health Professionals of National, State, District and NGO level, thus contributing to the national strategies for HIV prevention.

SHARE has established programs providing technical assistance in clinical as well as quality assurance programs particularly for laboratories engaged in HIV related diagnostic work.  

SHARE PHMI was instrumental in facilitating a study of India’s National Reference Laboratories (funded by Cooperative Agreement Number: U62/PS25164; PI: V. Yeldandi) in collaboration with Global Healthcare Public Foundation which was the basis of the CDC report dated July 30, 2008 submitted by CDC GAP India to NACO. As a consequence of this study PHMI is able to analyze the specific needs of India’s National Reference Laboratories as well the State Reference Laboratories and is well placed to assist these laboratories in designing and implementing programs for Laboratory Strengthening.

PHMI has been working closely with Andhra Pradesh State AIDS Control Society to bolster the capacity of laboratories in the public as well as private sector. Partnering with private as well as Government medical colleges under the aegis of the APAIDSCON consortium has allowed SHARE to greatly enhance all facets of HIV related programs in Andhra Pradesh.

Dr. Yeldandi directs the MediCiti Institute of Medical Sciences “Global Health Program” that has hosted health care professionals and trainees in India for collaborative projects as well as immersion projects designed to broaden the perspective of health professionals. The University of Illinois has a collaborative agreement with the MediCiti Institute of Medical Sciences covering education and research in Health.

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