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Santosh Saraf, MD
R01 (PI) “Pathways of Cell-free hemoglobin in Sickle Cell Nephropathy”
R01 (MPI) “Predicting Progression of Chronic Kidney Disease in Sickle Cell Anemia Using Machine Learning Models”
R01 (CoI) “Improving Scientific Rigor of Clinical Endpoints for Sickle Cell Anemia”
R01 (CoI) “Molecular and Cellular Pathogenesis of Kidney Disease in Sickle Cell Disorders”
U54 (Project Co-Leader) H3 Africa: Sickle Cell Disease Nephropathy
Global Blood Therapeutics (IIT PI) “A pilot study of Voxelotor for Sickle Cell anemia Patients at Highest Risk for Progression of Kidney Disease”
Novartis (IIT PI) “Clinical, Laboratory, and Genetic Predictors for Sickle cell Nephropathy”

Sean Quigley, MD
2U54DK083909-11, (Desnick (PI)), $1.4 M/year, 08/2019–08/2024

Agency: NIDDK, Porphyria Consortium
Clinical research support for porphyria studies (Satellite site PI, clinical research coordinator support)

ACTIV-4 Program for COVID-19 patients, Krishnan (PI), $6M (est)., 09/2020–06/2022
Role: Co-Investigator (0.15 FTE).

ACTIV-4a, 4c studies, Quigley, J (PI, Illinois), ~$3M (est; ~$1M accrued to date), 09/2020–12/2022.
Roles: PI for both these In-Hospital and Post-Hospital discharge anticoagulation trials for COVID-19 patients, 2.4 cal. months

ACTIV-4 Program ILLI-NET award, Quigley (Co-PI), $3M (est).
Roles: Co-PI for both ACTIV-4a, -4c Illinois Hospitals Networks, 1.2 cal. months

OTA-21-015B, Post-Acute Sequelae of SARS-CoV-2 Infection, Krishnan (PI), 09/2021–09/2025, est. $20M
Agency: NIH
Role: Co-I, Hematology/Thrombosis clinical research aspects, for UIC and for ILLI-NET, 1.2 cal. Months

ACTIV-4d, Collins, ~$200K to UIC (est), 06/2021–06/2022
Role: PI for UIC, RAAS trial for COVID-19 patients, 1.2 cal. months

Kent Hoskins, MD
American Cancer Society

(Kitajewski-Center PI; Hoskins, PI of Research Scholar Grant Project 3)
Project title: Illinois Cancer Health Equity Research Center
Research Scholar Grant Project 3 title: Creation of a Culturally Sensitive Narrative Intervention to Promote Equity in Clinical Trials Participation.

Grant number: K01CA248852 (Henderson)
Project title: Promoting Genetic Counseling among African American Women with Hereditary Risk for Breast Cancer
Role: UIC sub-award Principal Investigator

American Heart Association (PI, Beyer)
Project title: “Taking Charge During Treatment: exercise to improve fitness and quality of life among diverse breast cancer survivors”
Role: Co-Investigator
Department of Defense Breakthrough Award (Hoskins, PI)
Project title: “Therapeutic Benefit of Potassium Channel Activators in Triple-Negative Breast Cancer.”
Role: Partnering Principal Investigator
NIH/NCI (Raychaudhuri, PI)
Project title: Repression function of FoxM1 in tumor metastasis
Role: Co-Investigator

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