Recent News

Division of Endocrinology, Diabetes and Metabolism Receives Philanthropic Gift from Medical School Alumni

We are excited to announce that the Division of Endocrinology, Diabetes and Metabolism, and Dr. Bryan Layden has received a philanthropic gift from one of the University of Illinois College of Medicine most accomplished medical school alumni, Dr. Lester Salans.

Dr. Salans is internationally recognized in the fields of diabetes mellitus, obesity and endocrinology. He has held faculty, executive and administrative leadership roles in academic health centers, government and the pharmaceutical industry. He received his medical degree from the University […]

22 department of medicine providers named among the region’s top physicians

Twenty two department of medicine providers were named among the region’s top physicians by Castle Connolly, the consumer healthcare guide. Seven of the recognized providers were featured in Chicago magazine’s January 2019 “Top Doctors” list.

More News

Technique boosts omega 3 fatty acid levels in brain

Getting enough of the omega 3 fatty acids DHA and EPA into the brain to study their effects on conditions such as Alzheimer’s and depression — which they have been shown to help — is no easy task. While supplements containing these fatty acids exist, there is scant evidence showing that these supplements actually increase DHA or EPA in the brain. To measurably increase levels of EPA in the brain, a person would have to consume a small glass of […]

New Publications

Fellow Sara Matani published the below articles during her fellowship:
Matani, S. & Mihailescu, D. A Rare but Threatening Reaction – Respiratory distress after RAI. Oral Presentation at AACE Illinois Chapter Meeting – Loyola University – October 2018.

Matani, S. & Barengolts, E. Cinacalcet as an Adjuvant Treatment and Prevention of Hypercalcemia in FGF-23 Tumors Two Case Reports of Long-standing Tumor-Induced Osteomalacia (TIO). Poster presentation at the Endocrine Society Meeting, Chicago, IL. (March/2018). 

Dr. Layden’s Lab:
Hepatic hexokinase domain containing 1 (HKDC1) improves whole body glucose tolerance […]

Dr. Jose Cordoba-Chacon part of new Adult-onset hepatocyte GH resistance

An article titled “Adult-onset hepatocyte GH resistance promotes NASH in male mice, without severe systemic metabolic dysfunction” has been recently co-published by one of our doctors.


The manuscript is co-authored by: Jose Cordoba-Chacon, Andre Sarmento-Cabral, Mercedes del Rio-Moreno, Alberto Diaz-Ruiz, Papasani V Subbaiah, Rhonda D Kineman;


Dr. Kineman serves as the corresponding author of the study.


Brief synopsis: NAFLD and NASH are associated with reduced growth hormone (GH) input/signaling in humans. We have found that mice with adult-onset hepatocyte-specific GH receptor knockdown […]

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