Thanks to the fantastic generosity of our supporters, the Division of Endocrinology is proud to fund the following projects from our first fundraiser. We are proud of the fact that 100% of the proceeds were used to support clinical care and research activities to directly advance the missions of our Division.

  • Terry Unterman, MD
    • Regulatory Networks in Diabetes: Genomic Mapping of FoxO Target Sites in Hepatic Insulin Resistance
  • Rhonda Kineman, PhD
    • Use of OMICS Strategies to Identify Novel Pathways by which Growth Hormone Regulates Sexually Dimorphic Liver Metabolism
  • Abeer Mohamed, MD, PhD
    • Effect of shear stress on mitigating HDAC-mediated downregulation of endothelial GLUT1 and glucose transport
  • Robert Sargis, MD, PhD
    • Arsenic-Induced Changes in the Gut Microbiome and its Linkage to Metabolic Outcomes
  • Sirimon Reutrakul, MD
    • Relationship between intrinsically photosensitive retinal ganglion cell (ipRGC) function and sleep and melatonin secretion in type 1 diabetes and retinopathy
  • Pingwen Xu, PhD
    • Estrogen prevents hypothalamic neurodegradation induced by HFD through ERs/FoxO1/ TNFα pathway in microglial cells.
  • Kirstie Danielson
    •  Vascular Effects and Safety of Exercise in T1D Patients with Hypoglycemic Unawareness Prior to Islet Cell Transplant: A Pilot Study
  • Jose Cordoba, PhD
    •  Use of OMICS techniques to unveil novel mechanisms regulated by TZD in NASH
  • Chris Carmean, PhD
    • Diabetic wound healing lead compound screening method using 3d cell culture system
  • Yuval Eisenberg, MD
    • Project 1: Reducing transportation barriers to improve health outcomes and cost efficiency within an underserved urban patient population with diabetes.
    • Project 2: DREAM team.  This project aims to coordinate several different types of clinical care for patients with uncontrolled diabetes

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