The University of Illinois at Chicago Internal Medicine Residency has specialized tracks that give interested residents a more focused residency experience. The residency program hosted an open house on November 18 for potential residents to learn about the specialized tracks (unfortunately the first track discussed- Academic Innovative Track- was not recorded).

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Director: Rachael King, MD

The Urban and Global Health (UGH) Track is geared towards residents who are interested in the care of underserved communities both in urban and global settings. This track provides the trainee with the focused experiences in underserved communities both locally and abroad, as well as the tools necessary to undergo a career in the field.

Directors: Kelsie Avants, MD and Jennifer Schulte, MD

The Medical Education Track is intended bridge this gap for residents interested in pursuing academic and medical education careers. It is currently open to residents in internal medicine, pediatrics, medpeds and neurology. Residents who participate in the track attend a monthly MedEd conference, complete a MedEd rotation, complete a longitudinal project with the goal to submit for presentation, and teach medical students and residents.

Directors: Saul Weiner, MD and Bernice Man, MD, MS

The Academic Internal Medicine (AIM) Track is for trainees that are interested in careers as generalists with an interest in research. This track will give the trainee exposure to public health as well as a clinical and translational research in order to prepare residents for a career in academic internal medicine.

UIC has resources in the Department of Medicine, School of Public Health (SPH), Center for Clinical and Translational Science (CCTS) to support the curriculum, experiences, and mentorship of residents in the AIM Track. UIC offers fully online certificate programs designed to fill a growing need for clinicians competent to conduct research. The curriculum, which is personalized to each resident’s interests, may include online classes through the SPH as part of a certificate program.

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Director: Waddah Alrefai, MD

The Physician Scientist Track allows residents to pursue training in internal medicine, with a strong emphasis on research, and a guaranteed position in one of our subspecialty research fellowships. The first two years of training are the same as those of a categorical internal medicine resident with at least twenty months of direct patient care. If the resident plans to enter fellowship, then they will start their fellowship training in their PGY-3 year.

Director: Brian Layden, MD, PhD

The University of Illinois at Chicago Department of Medicine was the first in the country to design and offer an Innovation Track in Internal Medicine to its trainees.  This track offers opportunities through research collaborations across many schools on campus (Applied Health Sciences, Engineering, Law, Nursing, Pharmacy, Social Work, and Public Health) as well as numerous departments in the college of medicine. The track provides numerous mentors to position trainees at the intersection of fields of inquiry and stimulate the development of novel ideas, practices, and products.

Director: Jeffrey Jacobson, MD

The UIC StARR Program is an NHLBI-funded career development program that seeks to recruit internal medicine residents of varied backgrounds and experiences to undergo mentored clinical/translational research training related to the areas of cardiovascular, pulmonary, or hematologic diseases that will foster opportunities to help lead the next generation of highly diverse and skilled physician-investigators in the biomedical sciences.


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