The 2022-2023 Chief Residents

Colin Gallagher, MD

 Chief Resident: Jesse Brown VA Medical Center
 Medical School: Saint Louis University School of Medicine

Growing up in the suburbs (Naperville) and going to undergrad in Chicago, I was drawn to residency programs in the area. On my interview day at UIC, it was instantly apparent the devotion that UIC has towards serving Chicago’s underserved, providing very strong clinical training, and developing a deep sense of community within the residency. During my training, I’ve been consistently impressed with the commitment of faculty and my co-residents to education, research and providing excellent care to our patient population. I’ve made lifelong friends and have the utmost respect for my colleagues after seeing them in action. Because of how much I admire our program, I was inspired to stay on as Chief Resident to help UIC continue in this tradition. After Chief year, I am planning on pursuing cardiology fellowship. In my free time, I love exploring the city, playing basketball, going to concerts and taking an obscene number of photos of my dog Max.

Alan Jarman, MD

Chief Resident: University of Illinois Hospital
Medical School: University of Illinois College of Medicine at Chicago

I was born and raised in Naperville, IL and am a lifelong fan of the Chicago Bulls. For education I attended the University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign and then UIC for medical school. I became enamored with the patient care environment as well as the top tier lineup of Mountain Dew in the cafeteria and stayed on for my Internal Medicine Residency at UIC Hospital. As the Chief Resident for the University Hospital, I work closely with residents aiming to enrich their experiences each and every day. While we receive amazing training at UIC, my favorite part remains the residents with whom we work. Outside the hospital you may catch me at the student center gym or the local Pokemon gym as I mirror our amazing program in striving to be the very best!

Claire Shin, MD

Chief Resident: Research and Education
Medical School: University of South Carolina School of Medicine

I was born in Korea and grew up in a small town in NJ. UIC was the program I was looking for as it aligned with my passion to serve underserved and diverse patient populations. Over the past three years as a resident, I truly enjoyed serving this community along with the amazing group of trainees that shared the same goal. The friendship with the co-residents and the support of the program were extraordinary. I decided to stay as a Chief Resident to help improve the program and advocate for my co-residents. After residency, I plan to pursue a fellowship in Gastroenterology and hope to serve as a mentor for trainees through research and education. In my free time, I enjoy cooking and trying new restaurants around the city.

Jeffrey Taylor, DO

Chief Resident: Ambulatory
Medical School: Lake Erie College of Osteopathic Medicine

Growing up just outside Boston and spending my undergraduate years in the city at Boston University, I developed a love for city life and a passion to help the underserved. Chicago has exceeded my expectations of a city, so much so that I knew I had to stay an extra year as a Chief Resident. After living through the pandemic and seeing the city shut down for so many months, I am excited to get back to exploring the amazing restaurants, biking on the lakefront trail, and cheering the Cubs on, as futile as that has been lately. At UIC, I have grown to truly enjoy the experience each day, learning from the diverse patient population we serve. As the Ambulatory Chief Resident, I look forward to continuing to cultivate the family atmosphere I have known for the past three years and improving our outpatient experience at both UI Health and the Jesse Brown VA. After chief residency, I look forward to pursuing a fellowship in Cardiology. #GoFlames

Hobart Zhu, MD

Chief Resident: Quality Improvement and Patient Safety
Medical School: University of Mississippi Medical Center

I grew up in Jackson, Mississippi and did my medical school training there. While training, I worked primarily with underserved population which I grew to love. After living 20+ years in Mississippi, I wanted to branch out and experience a larger city while still maintaining focus on working with a diverse population, and in that regard UIC has definitely not disappointed. I have loved my time here so much that I chose to stay on as a Chief Resident continuing to give back to the program that helped me develop into the physician I am today. I hope to pursue a career as an academic hospitalist after my Chief year. While not in the hospital, I enjoy expanding my record collection and watching and critiquing movies.

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