The 2018-2019 Chief Residents

From left to right: Jon Meyer, MD, Tony Vergis, MD, Michelle Lewis, MD, Rachael King, MD


Rachael King, MD

Chief Resident: Ambulatory Medicine
Medical School: USF Health Morsani College of Medicine
Future Plans: Academic Internal Medicine

My first visit to Chicago was in medical school, when I came for the American Medical Association (AMA) annual meeting, and I fell in love with the city. I knew I wanted to live here, but I needed a residency program that would fit my every need. For me, UIC was the perfect fit. I was able to have my desired clinical training, and the ability to work with an under-served patient population. Most importantly, I work with amazing attendings and residents that have become my family while I’m so far from my own. Although the winters in Florida are more desirable, I would never trade a Chicago summer for a Florida one! As your Ambulatory chief, I will be in charge of all things outpatient, from scheduling the clinics to planning and teaching the outpatient curriculum. I will also be a liaison for the Urban Global Health program, which I was a part of during residency. I am excited to be staying at UIC for another year as chief resident, and I am looking forward to getting to know all of you!

Michelle Lewis, MD

Chief Resident: Jesse Brown VA Medical Center
Medical School: Southern Illinois University School of Medicine
Future Plans: Academic Internal Medicine

I am originally from a small town, our only stop light was removed during my senior year of high-school, and the main form of transport was by ATV. I was drawn to Chicago by my husband, and I grew to love the city. What specifically drew me to UIC was the attitude of the program and the patient population. At UIC, our patient population is unique, diverse, and underserved. I have grown to appreciate how adaptable UIC is from year to year, and it reflects the changing priorities of its residents. Residents have the opportunity to rotate through two great hospitals, both the University of Illinois Hospital and Jesse Brown VA Medical Center. The VA holds a special place in my heart as veterans make for resilient (and lovable) patients who deserve the best quality of care. As the JBVA chief resident, I conduct morning report where we present interesting cases from both hospitals to facilitate interactive learning. I am also the scheduling chief, and will help you navigate your experience through the JBVA. My ultimate goal is to pursue a career in Academic Internal Medicine, and the chief year allows me to selfishly indulge in my love of teaching. I hope to welcome you soon to the VA!

Jon Meyer, MD

Chief Resident: Research and Education
Medical School: Saint Louis University School of Medicine
Future Plans: Cardiology Fellowship

First things first, I’m thrilled to be the chief of Research and Education at UIC this year. The constant strive for learning and teaching is what drew me to internal medicine in the first place, and I’m grateful to get the opportunity to be chief resident.  Three and a half years ago, I saw the masterful teaching of our program director, Dr. Zar, during recruitment. That is what compelled me to come to UIC. Now, I am able to learn from the best!  Coming from a small community in Missouri, I’ve thoroughly enjoyed the second family I’ve found here in Chicago. I am committed to helping our community grow, as well as do my part to get our residents to where they want to be. Whether that be fellowship or an academic internal medicine position, we will work together to achieve your goals. It is not only the residents at UIC, but also the patients we serve which makes UIC a truly special place. The interaction with the diverse patients at UIH and the veterans at the Jesse Brown VA will make you capable and ready to take care of any patients you will come across following your training.  After leaving UIC, I plan to pursue my passion for cardiology. I am looking forward to a great year!

Tony Vergis, MD

Chief Resident: University of Illinois Hospital
Medical School: Ohio State University College of Medicine
Future Plans: Pulmonary and Critical Care Fellowship

There are two things that everybody knows I love because I talk about them a lot. First is my cat Branson, and second is my home state of Ohio. I came to UIC for residency to gain a new experience outside of my comfort zone. But in coming to Chicago three years ago, I found a second home and a second family. This residency program has done so much to shape me into the physician I have become. It is because of what UIC has done for me, that I am honored to be one of the chief residents this year serving at the University of Illinois Hospital. I look forward to my responsibilities that will involve working with residents as they rotate through the hospital to make sure they are set up for success. I will also be serving as a teacher, presenting daily morning reports and working with residents as one of the attendings on the VA inpatient service, with the other chief residents. Outside of the hospital, I will continue to explore all that Chicago has to offer, because three years is not enough time to do it all! I look forward to meeting you, and showing you what UIC and Chicago have to offer!

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