Director of Vitoux Program on Aging and Prevention

Beth and George Vitoux Professor of Medicine
Professor of Academic Internal Medicine and Geriatrics
Associate Head of Scholarly Activity, Department of Medicine

P 312-413-9830
[email protected]


Amruta Barve, MPH
Vitoux Program Coordinator

P 312-413- 8211
E [email protected]

Nan Lv, PhD
Research Scientist

P 312-802-1072
E [email protected]

Corina R. Ronneberg, MS
Senior Research Specialist

P 312-355-4604
E [email protected]

Nancy Wittels, MS
Senior Research Specialist
P 312-485-0273
E [email protected]

Sushanth Dosala, MBBS
Research Specialist
P 312-515-1094
E [email protected]

Vikas Kumar, MS
Research Associate
E [email protected]

Abigail Marroquin, MBA, RDN, LDN
Research Specialist

E [email protected]

William Harmon, BS
Graduate Research Assistant
E [email protected]

Claudia Garcia, BS
Research Associate II
E [email protected]

Adjunct Faculty

Dr. Philip S. Yu, PhD
UIC Distinguished Professor and Wexler Chair in Information Technology
Wexler Chair in Information Technology
Department of Computer Science
P (312)-996-0498
E [email protected]

Olusola Ajilore, MD, PhD
Associate Professor
University of Illinois Center for Depression and Resilience (UI CDR) Professor of Psychiatry
Director, Mood and Anxiety Disorders Program
Director, Clinical Research Core/Center for Clinical and Translational Science
Associate Director, Residency Training and Education
Department of Psychiatry
P (312) 413-4562
E [email protected]
Website the CoNeCT lab

Bernice Man, MD, MS
Assistant Professor of Clinical Medicine
Academic Internal Medicine & Geriatrics
P (312) 413-5454
E [email protected]

Sharmilee Nyenhuis , MD
Associate Professor of Medicine
P Office (312)-996-8039
P Clinical (312)-413-2088

Alana Biggers, MD, MPH, FACP
Assistant Professor of Medicine
P (312) 413-0312
E [email protected]

Deepika Laddu-Patel, PHD, FAHA
Assistant Professor
Department of Physical Therapy
College of Applied Health Sciences
P (312)-355-2135
E [email protected]

Spyros Kitsiou, PhD
Assistant Professor and Director of mHealth Innovation Lab
Department of Biomedical and Health Information Sciences
College of Applied Health Sciences
P (312) 355-3519
E [email protected]

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