Director of Vitoux Program on Aging and Prevention

Beth and George Vitoux Professor of Medicine
Professor of Academic Internal Medicine and Geriatrics
Associate Head of Scholarly Activity, Department of Medicine

P 312-413-9830
[email protected]


Amruta Barve, MPH
Vitoux Program Coordinator

P 312-413- 8211
E [email protected]

Nan Lv, PhD
Research Scientist

P 312-802-1072
E [email protected]

Corina R. Ronneberg, MS
Senior Research Specialist

P 312-355-4604
E [email protected]

Nancy Wittels, MS
Senior Research Specialist
P 312-485-0273
E [email protected]

Sushanth Dosala, MBBS
Clinical Research Coordinator

E [email protected]

Adjunct Faculty

Dr. Philip S. Yu, PhD
UIC Distinguished Professor and Wexler Chair in Information Technology
Wexler Chair in Information Technology
Department of Computer Science
P (312)-996-0498
E [email protected]

Olusola Ajilore, MD, PhD
Associate Professor
University of Illinois Center for Depression and Resilience (UI CDR) Professor of Psychiatry
Director, Mood and Anxiety Disorders Program
Director, Clinical Research Core/Center for Clinical and Translational Science
Associate Director, Residency Training and Education
Department of Psychiatry
P (312) 413-4562
E [email protected]
Website the CoNeCT lab

Bernice Man, MD, MS
Assistant Professor of Clinical Medicine
Academic Internal Medicine & Geriatrics
P (312) 413-5454
E [email protected]

Sharmilee Nyenhuis , MD
Associate Professor of Medicine
P Office (312)-996-8039
P Clinical (312)-413-2088

Alana Biggers, MD, MPH, FACP
Assistant Professor of Medicine
P (312) 413-0312
E [email protected]

Deepika Laddu-Patel, PHD, FAHA
Assistant Professor
Department of Physical Therapy
College of Applied Health Sciences
P (312)-355-2135
E [email protected]

Spyros Kitsiou, PhD
Assistant Professor and Director of mHealth Innovation Lab
Department of Biomedical and Health Information Sciences
College of Applied Health Sciences
P (312) 355-3519
E [email protected]

Dr. Karriem Watson, DHSc, MS, MPH
Assoc. Exec. Director, UI Health Mile Square Health Center
Assoc. Director Community Outreach and Engagement UI Cancer Center
Research Assnt. Prof. UIC School of Public Health Community Health Sciences
P (312)-993-4825
E [email protected]

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