Former Fellow Highlight

UIC Geriatrics fellowship has provided me a great avenue to enhance my medical knowledge on various diseases and conditions that I have learned during my residency training. It further improved my clinical skills, especially in the care of the elderly and I believe that my training molded me to become a better physician who has greater understanding of the needs of the geriatric population. The program exposed me to different specialties and available resources that are involved and utilized in the care of patients who have complicated medical conditions.

The genuine enthusiasm and exceeding passion of the faculty in teaching their fellows and the rotating residents evidence-based medicine and current treatment guidelines is one of the strengths of the program. The medical staff and personnel in the clinic and in the ward are also very friendly and helpful to everyone. The work environment that we have here is professional and congenial.

I am confident that I made the right choice when I decided to do my Geriatrics training here at UIC.

– Kathleen Enriquez, MD – 2016-2017 Geriatrics Fellow

Former Fellows

2021-2022 Geriatrics Fellows

  • Christian Nehme – Nephrology Fellowship at UCLA, Los Angeles, CA
  • Moustafa Elziny – Internal Medicine Residency at Weiss Memorial Hospital Chicago, IL

2020-2021 Geriatrics Fellows

  • Nikhil Tarte – SNFist at Truman Physicians and Associates Houston, TX
  • Chaudhary Ahmed – Academic Hospitalist at Mount Sinai Hospital Chicago, IL

2019-2020 Geriatrics Fellow:

  • Nida Maham – Primary Care in Sioux Falls, SD

2018-2019 Geriatrics Fellows:

  • Saveena Manhas – Geriatric consultant in ACE unit in Richmond, British Columbia, Canada
  • Naveneet Randhawa – Primary Care in Toronto, Canada
  • Franklin Njoku – Assistant Professor, Sickle Cell, University of Illinois at Chicago

2017-2018 Geriatrics Fellows:

  • Kristian Mirandona Henriquez – Hospitalist in Chicago, IL
  • Anita Lawanga – Hospitalist in Malone, NY
  • Afia Mirza – Hospitalist in Gardner, MA
  • Anuj Sharma – GI Fellowship in SUNY Upstate Medical University, Syracuse, NY

2016-2017 Geriatric Fellows:

  • Sharifa Alhassan, MD – Endocrinology Fellowship, University of Toledo Medical Center, OH
  • Kathleen Enriquez, MD – Rheumatology Fellowship, University of Illinois at Chicago, IL
  • Edward Gometz, MD – Assistant Professor, Rush University Medical Center, Chicago, IL

2015-2016 Geriatric Fellows:

  • Georges Assaf, MD – Sleep Medicine Fellowship, Rush University Medical Center
  • Laura Perry, MD – Assistant Professor of Clinical Family Medicine, University of Illinois at Chicago
  • Gurveen Malhotra, MD – Pulmonary Medicine Fellowship at Rosalind Franklin University, North Chicago, IL
  • Joseph Ekstrand, MD – SNFist/Hospitalist, Kansas City, KS
  • Natasha Garg (Jindal) – Hospitalist, Evanston, IL

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