New Hire/On Boarding

Faculty and Physician On-boarding

Welcome to the Department of Medicine at the University of Illinois at Chicago and UI Health.

Get Acquainted with your Division Administrator. Division administrators are a primary resource for new faculty and physicians. Division Administrators are responsible for the on-boarding and orientation activities that occur at the divisional level. These include, but are not limited to:

  • Assignment of buddy for division and clinic and/or lab orientation.
  • Assignment of long-term mentor.
  • Meet/greet divisional faculty and administrative support staff.
  • Establish administrative support system.
  • Establish office space and laboratory space/equipment as applicable.
  • Request keys/building access.
  • Request Hospital Network (LMS/Cerner) access (Physicians)
  • Schedule IT appointment.
  • Schedule appointment with Compliance Officer, Mary Morrissey (Physicians).
  • Order pager if applicable.
  • Order lab coats if applicable.

Meeting with a Department Human Resources Associate
Meeting with a Department HR Associate is a critical part of the overall on-boarding experience. This meeting will occur in advance of a new faculty member’s  start date.

Upon the acceptance of a letter of offer, a welcome message and meeting invitation is sent to new faculty members via email. This email also provides:

  • Assigned University Identification Number (UIN)
  • Assigned NetID (Includes Phone Book entry)
  • Instructions on how to activate a UIC email account.
  • Instructions and login/password for the completions of online New Hire System forms.
  • Criminal Background Check and Authorization forms.
  • List of items to bring to the on-boarding meeting.

Upon the acceptance of a letter of offer, new physicians receive an email from a Medical Staff Office Representative with instructions on how to begin completing the credentialing process via the web-based application available on the Medical Staff Office Practitioner Homepage. The department’s credentialing liaison is responsible for coordinating this process between the new physician, the Division Administrator, and the Medical Staff Office. During the meeting with an HR Associate, new faculty:

  • Review New Hire System forms required to facilitate employment and payroll. *Forms List
  • Receive valuable information about the Department of Medicine and the faculty promotion process.
  • Receive instructions on how to register for a benefits orientation and complete their benefit enrollment.
  • Receive forms and instructions required to obtain a University I-Card and Hospital ID Badge.
  • Schedule Health University Services appointment.
  • Review parking lot options and application process.
  • Review letter of offer and appointment structure, as well as compensation components and payroll schedule.
  • Close with Q&A session.
  • Check-in with credentialing liaison.

Employees of the University of Illinois receive a variety of State of Illinois , as well as University specific benefits. The UIC HR New Employee/Orientation site offers an array of information and materials to familiarize new employees.

Campus HR Benefits Orientation
Campus HR Benefits Orientation is located at 809 S. Marshfield Ave, Room 2723, Chicago, IL 60612. Register Here

Information Technology
Departmental technical support is provided by our Office of Information & Technology. There are various university services and systems which can be cumbersome to a new employee. Our IT professionals offer hands-on-assistance and are devoted to customer service and satisfaction. The Department of Medicine IT office can be reached at:

Attention Physicians

  • Credentialing/Privileging: New Physicians are required to complete a State of Illinois Initial Credentialing Application along with several additional forms required by our Medical Staff Office. New Physicians will be receive an email from a Medical Staff Office Representative with instructions on how to begin completing an the credentialing process via the web-based application MSO Practitioner Homepage. If you have any questions or need assistance completing the application, please the departmental liaison at 312-996-6878.
  • Division Administrators are responsible for requesting new physicians be granted access to LMS training modules and access to the UIH Network/Cerner Application.
  • Division Administrators  need to assure all new physicians to meet with the department’s Compliance Offer. The Compliance Officer is a resource for billing, coding, documentation, and compliance issues. The meeting should occur within the first thirty days of employment.
    • Mary Morrissey, RN BSN MA
      Compliance Officer
      Department of Medicine
      University of Illinois at Chicago
      1940 W Taylor, Room 320 (m/c 787)
      Chicago, Illinois  60612Voicemail:  312 996 6182
      FAX:   312 996 3117
  • Risk Management efforts at the University of Illinois encompass both strategic risk and financial, operational activities. The University Office of Risk Management is the insurance agent of the University and serves the entire university, including all its campuses, regional sites, and extension offices. Click here to learn more about Professional Liability (Medical Malpractice
  • Jessie Brown VA Medical Center (JBVAMC) The JBVAMC is an affiliate of UIC. Department of Medicine Physicians may hold an appointment at the JBVAMC. A Physician’s FTE distribution between UIC and the JBVAMC may adjust between institutions with the approval of a Division Chief and Department Chair.. Please note that appointments, compensation, and benefits from the Jesse Brown VA Medical Center are mutually exclusive from the University of Illinois.

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