Student Handbook

Welcome to the Master of Health Professions Education program in the Department of Medical Education at the University of Illinois at Chicago. Congratulations on your acceptance into the program. We look forward to welcoming you into our community of scholars and leaders.

On this page, you will find basic information about how to begin your participation in the program.

Program Orientation

All newly admitted students are required to attend the Introduction to Health Professions Education (MHPE 505) during the last week of July. This course is offered on-campus in Chicago only and is the initial course for all students in both the on-campus intensive and online formats. The course serves the intertwined purposes of providing an orientation to the program’s major goals and themes, its programmatic elements, and its prototypical instructional methods of active and collaborative learning. This course will also provide an orientation to each of the other required courses and to the array of electives available to students in the MHPE program. Students will have an opportunity to meet faculty and alumni in both formal sessions and informal gatherings.


Rachel Yudkowsky, MD, MHPE, the Interim Director of Graduate Studies, serves as the initial advisor for all MHPE students. She will advise students until they select a thesis advisor. Soon after admission, students are urged to contact Dr. Yudkowsky by e-mail at to set up a telephone conference. During this conference, you will discuss your goals in health professions education, possible scholarship topics, and course selection to help you reach your professional goals and develop your scholarship agenda.


After your initial advising telephone meeting with Dr. Yudkowsky, you may inform the program coordinator, Janet Settle, of your course selections. You will receive instructions via email on when and how to register. Registration, including changes to any existing registration, begins approximately two months before the semester and continues through the first official ten days of the semester (first official five days of the summer semester). During the registration period, all registration activity is done online by the student using Student Self-Service, which may be accessed from the UIC Web for Students. For all courses, you must get departmental approval before you can register. Send your course selections to Janet Settle by e-mail at, and she will input the departmental override.

Please note that nondegree students will be placed on waiting lists and may register only if there is still space in the class after degree-seeking students have registered.

Registration in Future Terms

The program coordinator will contact you before the registration period begins each semester, sending you a list of the course offerings for the next semester. You will send her your course selections, and she will send you detailed instructions on how and when to register.


The i-Card is the official identification card of the University for students, staff and faculty. After you register, you can obtain your i-Card during the Introductory course. Take a print-out of your registration and a driver’s license or passport to the i-Card Office on the second floor of the Student Resident Hall at the southwest corner of Wolcott and Polk Streets.

Medical Immunization Requirement

Illinois state law requires proof of certain immunizations for students in most situations. The policy and contact information are available at the Office of Medical Immunization Records. It is important that you read this information carefully as registration for future terms is not allowed if you are not in compliance at that time.

Tuition and Fees

Tuition and fees are set by the Board of Trustees of the University of Illinois. The tuition and fee schedule at UIC is fairly elaborate so it is important to understand what your charges will be, as well as your payment obligations, as late payments may result in supplemental charges. This information is available from the Office of Admissions and Records Website.

Online Course Sites

You will find links to all of your online courses on the Courses page.  Some instructors open their courses the week before the semester begins. The most effective way to get technical support is to e-mail the support staff at