Breaking it Down


Two a.m., again.
It’s quiet now, but
voices slip out
from the 2D,
the TV,
my friend.
I woke just now
sad, from a dream
I can’t recall…
Aching desire
wanting love
Gone is the pain
from failed loves
my past life brought…
I work hard now
for children,
for me.
Doing homework
with little ones –
and then my own.
Forget to cry
when I’m sad,
“What for?”
Only in sleep
do old dreams come
that I’ve denied
of letting go.
Not so strong,
“the rock”
But, now I find
I know one thing:
Duty drives me.
I open my book
learning more
I want to heal.
I tell myself
“never give up!”
Back to the books,
now its Path,
And fear the sleep
When bad dreams come
To say “there’s more
than stoically
working hard,

Laura Hans

University of Illinois College of Medicine