A Trip Outside


And then he looked at the massive blank space staring at him, and his mind swirled away, outwards from the small library he was sitting in busily typing away.  And he saw a silvery cord-thing connected to his body from a distance not too distant.  And the ground fled him as he fell upward into the sky and the ground shrunk in his vision until he saw the whole looming continent and he absentmindedly waved to his friends across the world.  And the world shrunk in his eyes and became a speck of light amidst a myriad of dancing pinpricks.  And he marveled at his beauty.  And then it was gone.  And suddenly the shattered glass swirled together for a moment before shrinking away and he wondered at his speed (speed?  Is that a word with meaning, he thought distantly) as the darkness loomed again.  And he wondered absently if this was to be a clichéd vision like a popular movie before he smashed into something hard and solid.  He stopped.  And the universe righted itself (or maybe it was only his self that righted).  He stood on solid darkness again and realized it was an Edge.  Except this edge truly deserved the capital.  And he wondered.  With his new Perspective, the Objective could be the subject to inspect.  He felt like an insect as Size loomed infinitesimally close to him.  He touched the ground.  What was beyond?  Perhaps he should break his way through, like the chick breaking through the egg.  What light would blind him on looking through the other side?  He shivered.  And he drew back, tugging on the silvery cord-thing.  Again, he flew at impossible speeds through the impossibility of space.  The non-wind whispered secrets in his ears as he drew back to his origin.  And he landed in his chair in the small library and the white space before him had been filled with words.  Interesting.  He decided not to delete  them.

Lawren Vande Vrede, Class of 2011