Too Much of a Girl

as performed by zinc finger and the major groove


We raise a salute to the girls that are cute
Who trade in their youth for scientific pursuits
We send out hugs to those who study bugs & drugs
But still wear thong underwear under their scrubs
Yes we’re into girls who are complex and intimate
But know how to handle the texas instrument
Uh, I got a fever of a hundred and six
Not from maleria but from these chicks
And if I’m having’ word problem don’t feel back for me son
She was in the 99th percentile on MCATs section 1
I mean 36 24 36 is fine
But dont forget the IQ of one hundred fifty nine
Cremaster P:
This flows for those who think coach is gauche
& instead pose in clothes that go with lab coats
Now just suppose you saw me up at the bar
Would you notice the shell toes or pharm cards in my arms
Does anybody know any women who can quiz me
On ampicillin’s mechanism when we’re through getting busy
When I’m up in the club they think I’m cute and so funny
Til they know how many years I’ll go with no money
Cause earning potential alone means no loving
Loans and E coli jokes just won’t cut it
If you’re looking for a man with chest wax and abs
I ain’t got time for that crap I’m studying path
I saw you in I and I and
I thought you were looking pretty fly and
Maybe you remember me from
The anatomy TLE um
I hung around your table thinking notice me notice me
But you were like woah anastamosa see
And have you ever seen so gross a spleen
I was tumescent if you know what I mean
And now you pop your gum in practicum with hair all crimped
And answer every question every time that you get pimped
I try to play it cool I mean I act like there’s no hurry
But we could make some nobel love like the doctors curie.
And when you quote the periodic chart (so smart)
You send catecholamines rushing down into my heart
And oxytocin like and ocean flooding out into my brain
Then other things you know can send testosterone to veins
I must explain that I remain not quite respirator trained
Yo, so if I pass out while I’m shooting my game
Please give me mouth to mouth with tongue to save the day
Cremaster P:
So if you’re impressed by chats on gene maps in rap
Cremaster P’s happy to grab your hand during class
So if your glasses are thick and your binders well stylish
Meet me tonight at the library of health science
& when that dump closes at the stroke of 11
We can integrate like viruses on chromosome 7
And when I hand her three carnations she’s in love with me
And she’s standard deviations up above the mean
I’ll be your standardized patient stick a glove in me
And when you get home from the clinic let me rub your feet
Whose beats are fat like chylomicrons?
Who drops rhymes on the lines of Zahn?
Who gets down and drops hospital gowns?
Whose got heart sounds to make your car pound?
Zinc finger and the major groove.
Who hits the student body like karate
and infiltrates the brain like beam me up Scottie?
Who cuts the beats with taste like a caspase?
Who drops the bass in place like a polymerase?
Zing Finger and the major groove.

Chris Vlasses and Chris Aldrige, Class of 2007