Patient is a 40 year old AA woman @ 28 WGA who
presents to the ER in a somnolent state

History obtained from patient’s boyfriend

He states that he found her with a joint in her
hand and passed out on the floor

He immediately called 911

He also states that he isn’t sure the
baby is his

VS P111 BP 160/90 R18 T37 1

PE pupils mildly dilated to 3mm bilaterally but
equally reactive to light & accommodation
Abd: soft, nontender
Pelvic exam: non-dilated cervix
vagina packed with 8 bags of rock &
powder cocaine

Each rock was manually removed one by one
from the patient’s vagina

White residue spilled upon the white & blue chuck.

She woke up & asked if the baby would make it.

Seema Pasha, Class of 2005